Monday, December 10, 2012

Candy Swap Reveal

When I first came across this Candy Swap hosted by the sweet Sylvia over at Sweet Pea Sylvie, I HAD to jump on board!  Any excuse to eat candy, right?!?!  Then to make it even better, I found out her and I would be swapping.  Did I mention she lives in New Zealand??  Candy from another country - how fun!

Everything tasted so different than American candy - I noticed a lot of things were more chewy than anything we have.  The Pineapple Lumps didn't sound good AT ALL...but they were actually really yummy!  David's favorite was the Milk Bottles.

These were my favorite - similar to an M&M.

The candy bars were all so good - notice all them are open.  I took pictures of everything before opening but then accidentally deleted them!  She also sent me a Whittaker's Chocolate Bar and it was my favorite favorite - it was gone by the time I realized I deleted the pictures. 

I took everything to work and shared with the girls - it was really fun trying new candy from New Zealand.  Such a good idea Sylvia - we will definitely have to do this again!

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Christina said...

That is awesome! I love trying candy from other countries. It always seems so much richer. I want in on this swap next time!

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