Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recent Loves Worth Sharing!!

I am a girly girl...always have been, always will be!  I love anything that has to do with beauty products, jewelry, cute get the idea.  So when I come across cutesy stores, monthly beauty subscriptions, and good deals...I'm kind of a sucker!!  #nowillpower

I want to share a couple of amazingly AWESOME products/stores that have made their way into my heart!!

The first one is Birchbox!!  You know when you go to your favorite beauty store and they hook you up with samples of the latest and greatest beauty products?!?!  Well, imagine getting your own personalized box of samples (sometimes even deluxe samples) delivered to your door every month for only 10 bucks!!  It's the little pink box that puts a smile on my face every time I see it in my mailbox!  Or, if my husband finds it first, it puts a look of confusion on his face because he just doesn't understand!!  Men!!

Go check it out here and sign up!!

Next up is my most recent find....Julep Maven.  I heart nail polish.  As if you didn't already know that by this post!  I can't believe I had never heard of this brand until just recently!!  Oh, the things you learn in blog land :)  Similar to Birchbox, this is a monthly subscription.  I just got my first box a couple days ago and I have to say this may be the best nail polish I've ever used. went on without getting all goopy or bubbly and the color is true to how it looks in the bottle.  We all know we've bought a nail polish only to get home and it's way too light or way too dark.  

In my first box, I got 2 colors - Sasha and Toni - and I also got a Pedi Creme and a cute little bag.

I decided to use Sasha this week and I love this color!!

Want to try it out??  (and you should)  Click here!

I have also recently found BaubleBar and Box of Pretties!!  BaubleBar is an online store jam packed with CUTE CUTE jewelry!!  It's VERY reasonably priced AND you get $10 just for signing up!!  So you could get a pair of earrings for around $12!!  Did I mention it was cute??  Box of Pretties is an online auction type store that has clothing and accessories.  I'm pretty much in love with everything they have!  They are having a giveaway right now for a necklace that I need....yes, I need it!  So....I'm asking so every nicely, and maybe even begging a little, to go "like" their Facebook page and tell them Kari Webb sent you!!  I will be your BFF forever and ever!!  :)

Oh, and I'm also linking up with tara over at fabulousbutevil for her weekly link up of "the nail files" - go check her out!!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I've kind of wanted to try Julep but am totally on the fence. Maybe I should ask for it for a birthday present!

Emily said...

Oh you are totally a girl after my own heart. Love me some jewelry! And nail polish! Yeah although I don't get to paint mine as often as I use too!

Kim Marie said...

Ok, so I know I have seen the Nail Polish but I'm diggin' the BirchBox thing. I am going to go check that out. Sometimes a girl just needs a surprise now and again! Right??

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and becoming a new follower! I love your blog too {it must be the crown thing...ha!}

I look forward to chatting often about all things girly!

Kim M.

Christina said...

I’m seriously considering Birch Box. I’ve been thinking about it for a few months. Some people love it and some hate it. Hmmm… I do love samples though. (Thank you for all the ones you sent me! I’ve already used two!) I love both of your Julep colors! Julep is so amazing. I have a mani/pedi appointment there next week!

tara said...

gorgeous julep colors! and i too am a big fan of birchbox!

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