Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo An Hour

I recently ran across this idea while reading one of the blogs I follow and thought it was a really good idea and decided to copy :)  Hope she doesn't mind!!  This is a typical Saturday for the Webbs!

9am - this is how I get ready every morning...with Ally at my feet giving me those sad puppy dog eyes because she hates it when I leave her :-(    she didn't know she was going to get to go with us this morning!!

10am - Starting our day off right with a McDonald's Egg McMuffin....our favorite healthy breakfast from there.  Well, this is the ONLY healthy breakfast from there...besides the yogurt parfaits which those are pretty amazing too!

11am - At the drive-thru car wash we go to, they hand out suckers :)  David - clean your nails!!  He's such a hard worker...I think he needs a manicure! haha

12 pm - He also needs some MANNERS!!!  He swears I make him nauseous when I drive.  RUDE!!!

1pm - Ally having fun at the dog park!  She LOVES it there and always makes lots of doggy friends.  

2pm - It doesn't matter how cold it is outside (not that it was cold out today) - the first things she does when she gets to the park is run and jump in the water.  So by the time we leave, she is GROSS!! Luckily, there is a dog wash down the road and one of her favorite things is getting a bath!

3pm - She was exhausted when we got back home.  This is her last nap on the couch - we usually don't let her get on the furniture but we've been weak lately.  We must. stay. strong!!!

4pm - Lunch at McAlisters...our favorite deli restaurant.  I deeply apologize for this no makeup picture!!  :-/

5pm - I have NEVER worn MAC Makeup before (gasp...I know) and I was out of foundation so I decided to try it out.  I went into the mall completely bare-faced (see above...yuck!) and they did a much needed makeover...thank you Starla @ the MAC counter!!  She was awesome.  I want to be her friend.  Seriously!!  And then have her do my makeup every morning!!  More on what I bought here!  

6pm - My makeup is STILL going strong - it was all from their ProLong Office Hours Collection...Love it!!  I HAD to do a pouty face with the lip gloss I really really really wish I would've bought!!!


Jessica Renee said...

Sounds like a fun day!! :) That makeup looks so awesome on you! I've never tried MAC either but have always wanted to go in and let them fix my face up. haha.

Christina said...

Great idea! I love your makeup!

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