Monday, September 24, 2012

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffins and a Giveaway

Today, for my "recipe", I'm cheating.  That is ok, right?  Right!  I came across this Betty Crocker Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffin mix during my last grocery shopping trip at Uptown Grocery - my new favorite grocery store!  If you're local, you should definitely check it out! 

I had good intentions of getting up yesterday morning and making them...HOWEVER, I slept in, realized I forgot to soak my beans overnight for my ham and beans, had to do a "quick soak" which required the use of my favorite favorite favorite Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl because it can measure up to 8 cups, washed the batter bowl after using it, put it in my dish drain (ever so carefully balancing it on a towel over a dish drain already full of dishes...don't we all do this??), walk out of the kitchen, and hear glass shatter...EVERYWHERE!!!  Then 2 seconds later, I hear another shatter - which was a vase that I had just washed!  Do you sense my frustration?!?!?  Woe is me!!  I will be having a Pampered Chef catalog party soon so that I can get another batter bowl :)

Anyways...I made these for an after lunch snack and they were pretty darn tasty!  David and I pretty much ate the entire box ourselves ... I can't believe I just admited that...BUT I was really stressed from my morning mishaps that I *needed* the comfort!  We did save 4 muffins for our neighborhood/community manager (whatever his title is).  We like to take him treats every once in a while :)

We made coffee to go with the muffins and I added a little *extra* to mine :)  See my UV Cake Vodka in the back??  Love this's white cake flavored vodka..yummy!  I also made these root beer floats with it.

Linking up with Ali over at Jam Hands for her Recipe Sharing Monday! 

Jam Hands

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Ohhhhh....BTW - I am doing a group giveaway over at Going with the Flow...go enter here!  I am doing a $10 Starbucks card and there are other great gifts to be won!  Too bad I can't enter :)


Jessica Renee said...

No you did not add vodka to your coffee!!? haha You are totally my kinda girl ;) And also making you my kinda girl? Baking with a mix. That's about all I do because I'm too lazy. haha. They sound super yummy!!

Christina said...

I would have loved these muffins as a kid!! And I need to try that vodka asap!

Kathy Penney said...

These look so cute and yummy!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

yummmm! those look d-lish! I wanna try these! glad I found your blog from the Fall in love link up! newest follower :)

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