Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ally's First Bark Box

 About a month ago, I bought a 3-month subscription to BarkBox through Groupon.  The first one came in the mail last week! 

Barkworthies Pretzel Treats - this actually smelled really good!

wag bath wipe - we haven't used this yet but it will be perfect for when her paws get dirty and we don't want to do a full bath.

WholeLife Organic Treats in Sweet Potato - She isn't quite sure about these.  She puts them in her mouth, takes them into the living room, spits them out and plays with them for a second before actually eating them.  I can see why...the texture reminds me of a sponge!

Z-Bones - The Good: She ate this in about 2 minutes.  The Bad: Then she threw up. 

All of her goodies!

She waited so patiently

Sniffing everything

Please, Mom!!!

Pretty Please!!

I finally gave her the pretzel...she LOVED it! 

Sign up for BarkBox here.


Holly said...

I have got to join this! It looks like so much fun!

Char Webb said...

She is such a good girl! What a fun box.

Christina said...

That is so cool. Subscription boxes are my favorite thing!

Allie said...

I got the Groupon for BarkBox too, we got our first one last month and my dog loved it!! I love that your dog's name is Ally :) she's adorable!

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