Monday, May 13, 2013

The Vintage Pearl

After wanting one forever, I finally got a Vintage Pearl Necklace.  It was my Valentine's present.  It came a little late because David had originally bought me a yoga workshop weekend for Valentine's but unfortunately, I had to get a refund on that because it was the same weekend as the Color Me Rad 5K (more on that later).

As nany of you know, I absolutely hate making decisions!  Basically because I want everything and can't decide which I want the most.  This would explain my shoe and Bath and Body Works problem.   Or any shopping problem for that matter.

I was in the Vintage Pearl shop a little over an hour.  I walked from charm to charm, necklace to necklace, and finally called my hubby, who was patiently waiting in the car, in to help me decide.  And when I say "patiently waiting", I mean he only sent two texts asking what I was doing and how much longer it was going to be. 

I felt weird picking out my own necklace - it would've been easier for someone to actually pick it out FOR me.  Plus, we don't have kids so I couldn't recreate a lot of the examples in the store.  BUT, we do have a furbaby and when I saw this dog bone, I knew I had to have it.  I also wear both white and yellow gold, depending on the day, so I chose to mix the two metals.  The bone is a pewter color and everything else is yellow gold.  I did two basic circles with our names and of course, a pearl.  Thought from David "You are putting our names on there?  Don't we know our own names?" - gotta love him. 

Another thought from David when I had the bone in the middle.... well just use your imagination.  Boys will be boys.  So I put the bone on the outside so it wouldn't look so inappropriate.  :)

I love how it turned out!


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