Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Head Over Heels

Disclaimer: This post was intended to be my "oh so pinteresting" post - I was going to include "pinned" outfits that would go with each shoe.  BUT, Pinterest had other plans and decided to not let me embed anything.  So, perhaps that will happen another day.  I'm still linking up...hope nobody minds :)

I am admitting this right now for the first and last time....I have TOO many shoes.  There, I said it.  I have a ridiculous amount of shoes.  I never even wear over half of them!!  And, a couple days ago, I had a very sad realization that I really don't "like" my high heels anymore.  Don't get me wrong - I do LOVE them...I just don't LIKE them.  I know, very sad.  But they just aren't comfortable anymore.  

Here's what happened that sad morning...  I wanted to wear a pair of black heels.  Now, I have about 4 pairs of black heels.  I tried them all on....and chose the pair with the shortest heel.  What is this world coming to?!?!  I have went back and forth over the last week or so debating on whether or not to get rid of my tall "hooker" heels.  But then I thought "What the heck are you thinking?!?!!"  So, this post is to motivate me to wear my too tall, sassy, sexy, colorful heels again!


I told you... (see Ally in bottom right corner?!)

I have too many shoes!!

Here are a few of my faves:

Leopard Heels - From JCPenney

Royal Blue Heels - JCPenney

Orange Heels - JCPenney (I'm starting to see pattern here)

Mustard Heels

Black & White Heels - Sears - (yes, Sears!)

Emerald Green Heels - Target

Teal Michael Antonio Loveme Pump - find this brand here

Yellow Heels - I can't remember where these are from ... but I LOVE them!

Puma Pumagility Speed 2 Running Shoes - find them here.

adidas ClimaCool Running Shoe - find here.


Kelly ♥ said...

You have too many shoes? Surely you're joking! ;-)

Christina said...

So many shoes! I love how organized they are!

Jane said...

I'm so jealous, haha! I have enough pairs, but not any extras pretty much.


Julie said...

I LOVE shoes! You have quite a nice collection! :)

Harley said...

THis is like a dream!


Lizelle said...

So i just spent quite some time drooling over this post...!
those royal blue heels make my heart beat fast love em! Also, those black and white shoes are so vintage too, love it!

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