Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Ruff Life - Oklahoma City

After checking out Bad Granny's Bazaar in the Plaza District in Oklahoma City, we decided to stop in this adorable boutique.  The Ruff Life is a lingerie and vintage boutique that has some pretty amazing stuff.  I could browse for hours.  Well, maybe not hours but I wanted to make sure I saw everything!

Sexy little things everywhere!  blush is one of the lingerie brands they sell...LOVE.

What better to go with lingerie than amazing jewelry?!?!

Fancy gloves...yes, please!

I fell in love with this dress.  It makes me want to throw on some cowboy boots and walk through a wheat field with a horse.  Cue country music.
And they even offer free wine!!  Now THAT is service!

Blinged-out sleep mask...because you need bling even when you sleep.

Their store was so cute!  I want these lights in my house please.

Loved this navy and black lace bra and panty set.  Random fact about me that is pretty appropriate here: I hate the word panties.  It makes me cringe and I think it's just a dirty word.  When my 5 year old niece found this out, she tortured me everytime we talked by repeating the word over and over.  Torture I tell ya!

They are open Tuesday through Sunday 11-7 and are located in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City.  I will be going back soon!


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