Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bad Granny's Bazaar - Oklahoma City

I'm gonna pop some tags...only got twenty dollars in my pocket.  Now that I have that song stuck in your head, let's move on.  I promise, the song really does relate to this post.  :)

Two of my cousins, two aunts, my mom and I go to dinner one night a month.  We always choose a place none of us have ever been to.  We like to try new places to keep it interesting.  This past weekend, we went to The Mule in Oklahoma City.  I will be doing a post on that later this week.  When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised the restaurant was located in Plaza District OKC.  I had been wanting to check this area of town out but just hadn't made it yet.  There are all kinds of local shoppes and eateries, which I love quaint, local places.  If anything, just go here to people watch!

One of the places located in the Plaza District is Bad Granny's Bazaar.  This place was on my list of places to visit in OKC so I'm glad I got to cross it off the list.  It's a hip and funky thrift shop where you're sure to find all sorts of things you just can't live without.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Love this dress...especially for a flapper costume.

So many colorful scarves.  I really wanted one but we were rushed for time because of our restaurant reservation.  I didn't have time to decide which one I needed.  I'm not a fan of making decisions.

This dress was fabulous....very Brady Bunch.
This was my mom's very first attempt at taking a picture using an iPhone.  She has the old-school flip phone with the huge number buttons...she's not a fan of new technology.

Records, anyone?

This fan is just too cute.  Until you stick your finger in it and then it's not so cute.  Kudos to whoever invented the safer ones like the one in the background.

Too bad I'm not a size 9.

OKC Thunder dress?  I would wear this.

And these were just oh so adorable.

Retro boots - the tag said these were actually retro, asian boots.

Who doesn't need a Shaun of the Dead Barbie collection??

I love how they made this earring holder.  Putting this on my to-do list!

I didn't "pop any tags" but I did have a lot of fun going through this store.  It's definitely a store you need to check out.


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