Friday, May 24, 2013

H54F and Nail Files

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First, a reminder to enter my nail polish giveaway here.  Only 12 hours left!

1. We went to Gabriella's and had this "magic, no calories" banana split.  Nothing short of amazing!  More on that restaurant later.

2. I have decided on these flowers for my flower garden.  They are called Lantana flowers.  I love them!  I can't wait to get them planted!

3. I got my Josie Maran Self-Tanning Body Wash in!!  I have to say - I friggin' love this stuff!  It's a body wash...that tans you.  So you can use it in the shower and wash it off after 30 seconds.  This is great because you don't have that yucky smell.  It comes with a long-handled loofah so you can get your back instead of having your husband, your friend, or neighbor doing it.  That's just awkward.  You can order yours from QVC here.  Just search "Josie Maran Body Wash".  I am also loving this self-tanner.

4. Cristin and I went for mani's and pedi's last night.  I haven't had a professional mani/pedi in over a year!  It was well overdue.  I chose an Essie purple (can't remember the names) for my toes and an Essie grey for my nails.  Then she added a China Glaze glitter.  Love.

5. On May 20th, Moore, Oklahoma got hit by the bitch we call Mother Nature when an F5 tornado touched down on a 20 mile path.  Winds were over 200 mph.  My "H54F" part is that it is absolutely amazing how my fellow Oklahomans have came together and are doing everything that needs to be done.  Donating, sorting, delivering, comforting, hugging, wiping tears, praying, and whatever else will help with rebuilding this community.  Kevin Durant, OKC Thunder player, said it best when he said "The sun will shine again." 

6. Bonus:  I got a new position wihin my company!!  I am SO excited!  I start on the 3rd of next month and I CANNOT wait.  It has been a long time coming.  There is a ridiculous amount of drama and lies and backstabbing and pettiness (I could go on and on..and on - but I will refrain) in the department that I am currently in and basically, I'm over it.  My poor hubby gets an ear full every night and I'm positive he has started to tune me out.  :)  I've been looking for a new position for about a year now and I think I have finally found the perfect one!  You know that feeling you get after ending a really bad relationship and then you find Mr. Right - it's kinda like that.  Everyone seems extremely nice and welcoming.  And they even have a Keurig in the office...not too shabby!  Downside, I won't have my personal office anymore but at least I will be happy going to work every morning and I will be making a little more cashola so I think I will be ok without an office!   


the style soup said...

I came here to look at your nails, but I can't believe this Josie Maran tanning body wash-it's blowing my mind!

Layne said...

What?! A self-tanning body wash? I didn't know that existed, but I want to try it. Just stopping by from the HF4F link up. :)

tara said...

love your nails! and congrats on your new position!

Crystal said...

Love the color on your nails, very pretty!

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