Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Honey Do List

This isn't your typical "Honey Do" list - this is your "Honey Does Fabulous Things" list!!  Ok - enough of that.  When thinking of a title for this post, I just HAD to use something about honey do....and then it got cheesy in a hurry.  So, moving on....

I came across something in a magazine that talked about all the benefits of honey for your skin and hair.  I'm always on the hunt for wonderful beauty products and tips, so I thought I'd give this a go.

First, I mixed olive oil and honey to create a syrup-like consistency.  (I saved the spoons from our last trip to Orange Leaf Fro-Yo - perfect for this)  I put this all over my hair and rubbed in as much as I could.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical.  Once I got this all rubbed in, I thought "HOW the HECK is this going to come out without ripping my hair out?"  I seriously thought the person that came up with this recipe was some type of prankster and thought it would be funny to see all these people with syrupy, ripped out chunks of hair.  You're supposed to leave it on for 20 minutes.  After my panic and images of having to cut this out of my hair, I rinsed it out after 10 minutes.  Verdict?  It actually washed out with ease and my hair was super soft!!!  Will be doing this again ... for the required amount of time! 

Next, I mixed honey, salt, and milk.  Be careful not to add too much milk - you want it to be a paste-like texture.  I rubbed this all over my face and let it set for about 30 minutes.  This is supposed to help with acne scars and Lord knows I need that!!  It did make my skin "glow" a little more but I need to use this more often to see a difference in my scars.

Last, I made a foot mask.  I mixed oatmeal, salt, and honey.  I have to warn you, this will be messy!  I made the mistake of doing this in my kitchen.  Luckily, our furbaby, Ally, was there lick up the mess.  I can't imagine what it tasted like - yuck!  I would suggest doing this either outside, over a towel, or in the tub.  I put socks on and left this on for about 30 minutes before washing off.  I guess I could've just let Ally lick my feet - she probably would've like that.  Again, yuck!  My feet were a little softer after this - would definitely do this again. 

What good beauty recipes do you know??

On a side note, the 2nd playoff game is happening tonight...THUNDER UP!!!!


Tatiana said...

omg, I'm definitely saving these! I love trying new face masks and such :)

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