Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter: Part I

I'm just a little late at posting these beautful, photo-worthy cupcakes.  (If you could hear me, you would sense my sarcasm!)  They may not look as pretty as the original recipe pictures, but they were a disaster a lot of fun to make! 

My mom found the cute little sheep cupcake recipe and I found the others.  We spent the ENTIRE day before Easter slaving away in the kitchen.  We never could have imagined the hard work that we put into these damn cupcakes!!  After the first dozen, we decided to just ice them and throw some sprinkles on top. 

Most of the recipes called for a batter made from scratch...ummm...we cheated and used box cake mix! 

Lamb Cupcakes adapted from the Imperial Sugar Website (told you the orignal ones were cuter!)

Easter Egg Basket Cupcake adapted from here.

Bunny Rabbit Cupcake adapted from here.

Easter Bark adapted from here.

After we had all the fun we could handle with our cupcakes, we moved on to easier and faster fun.  My mom, David, and I colored Easter eggs.  Well, it was more like my mom and I.  David just watched and said "This just proves Easter is more for the adults than the kids."  In our family, we go big or go home when it comes to the holidays!  If you've seen my Halloween posts, or any other holiday post, you probably already knew that!  We took all of our treats to my dad's farm on Easter Sunday.  For almost 30 years, we've had a big Easter picnic out there...with an egg hunt, LOTS of food, softball and volleyball (which btw, I'm still sore), and a bonfire with s'mores!

This was our first Easter without my nieces around (they are in Alabama).  So we had to color eggs for them :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  We actually had gorgeous weather...which is surprising for Oklahoma!


Brooke said...

All your baking turned out so cute! =) Brooke

Katie J said...

They all look much better than I could ever do!

Christina said...

These are so awesome!!! You did a great job. I'd be just like you though and only do a few. The rest are just fine with sprinkles. Haha!

Christina said...

(Just in case you didn't know, your word verification is on. I don't think it was before? If you want it on, just disregard this RUDE comment! Hahah)

ashleymarie said...

I am obsessed with your blog name.. so CUTE.

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