Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tidy Up Tuesday: Coupon Binder

Last week, I did a post about couponing.  I also recently organized my coupons so I thought what better day to talk about that than "Tidy Up Tuesday"!  I'm also thinking of starting a link up party for Tuesdays.  Everyone can post their organizing projects!!  We shall see.

So, anyways, here is how my coupons were organized before.  An accordian file was just fine...until I had a couple week's worth of coupons cut out.  I was so tired of taking this to the store and digging for my coupons and having them fall out.  I was seriously a hot mess at the store!  I considered buying a coupon binder from Amazon.  But then, I remembered something.  I had used this Martha Stewart Binder as a planner before I got my Vera Bradley one.  I bought the blue Martha Stewart binder and then recovered it...see here.  When I switched planners, I kept it for some reason.  SO glad I did...it works perfectly!!

Martha Stewart Avery products from Staples, also has business card holder inserts....perfect size for coupons!!

I also bought the Martha Stewart Labels and divided my coupons up into groups.  This is how I did mine.  I ran out of business card holders...I will need to buy some more so I can organize my food coupons.

I always go through this and get out the coupons I will be using instead of taking it with me to the store.  That would be a disaster waiting to happen.  I can just see it now...coupons flying all over the place when the binder falls out of the buggy...again - hot mess!

How do you organize your coupons??

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Ches said...

I use a large binder for my coupons, I try to keep them organized but I have gotten behind lately. Stopping by from the blog hop.

Carolyn said...

How awesome are you? And a cute binder too!

Johannah said...

I use a binder for my coupons, and then at Staples I found "coupon sheets" for the 3 ring binder. They are basically just like baseball card sheets. Works perfect. And then I got a little Velcro folder to put in the front, and as i'm in the store and taking things off the shelf, I take the coupon out of it's spot and stick it into the velcro folder. That way when I get to the register I have everything right together! Loveeeee couponing!!!

Kerry Fountain said...

What a great idea-- I use the accordian file for my coupons as well, I just dig out the ones I want before I go shopping and stick them in front. It works fairly well but I might have to check out that stuff from Staples...I have been meaning to anyway! :-)

I returned the favor and am now following you!
Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

Muni Raja said...

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