Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow, Dessert, and Valentine's - Oh My!

It snowed in Oklahoma City this week!  Loved it!!  I just wish it would've stuck for a little bit longer.

Front door Valentine Decor - got it at Gordman's.  They always have such cute holiday decorations!

Ally didn't know what to think of the snow at first but then she loved running and playing in it!

Had our monthly cousins/aunts lunch this week - we go all out on dessert!  We each get something different and then share :)

Here are my office Valentine decorations.  I got them at Kohl's last year after Valentine's on clearance!

We played Secret Cupid at work this week - here are my goodies!
My person knew me so well!

Love these coasters!  These coasters gave my person away because she has some and every time I'm in her office, I always talk about how cute they are.

Love this potpourri bowl and the back scratcher!!  Who doesn't need a back scratcher?!?!

These were from my boss - these are quite possible my FAVORITE chocolate candy!  We always steal them from her desk so she got us all some.

David sent me flowers - love his corny little poem!

Then I came home to this.  He has always done cute little drawings on the envelopes (I love that he is cheezy)  He also surprised me with tickets to a weekend yoga workshop that I've talked about ... he DOES listen to me!!


Here's are the chocolates I got him - my envelopes are BORING!!!  Now you know one of the cheezy names I call him...gag!  lol  Sorry for the blurry pic - Ally jumped on me as soon as I took it.  I got him tickets to a comedy show.

We got Ally one stuffed toy because as you'll see...they don't last long!



jessica renee said...

Love the snow, desserts and all the goodies you got! So I love this whole post! haha Oh and I super love the last pictures. Hi-larious! This is why our dogs can't have nice things ;)

Christina said...

I love that you have a cousins/aunts lunch and that you share desserts. Yum. Lindt truffles are my favorite too. Especially the white chocolate ones!

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