Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Hair Product Find

I forgot to bring my heat protectant spray with me to Alabama...and it's a good thing or I would've never heard of this product!  


 My sister let me borrow it and Oh. My. Goodness. Smells soooo good! It smells like you could add some vodka and a small umbrella and make a tropical drink! I also like it because it comes out in a very light spray so it doesn't get all sticky. And even's only 7 bucks at Sally Beauty Supply.  I'm sure you get it other places - that's just where she got it.  This will be next beauty product purchase!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and don't forget to enter my Scentsy bar giveaway!!


Christina said...

You had me at the description of the smell. Yum! I'm gonna look for it!

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