Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lynchburg Town Square

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After the Jack Daniels Distillery tour (pics to come later), we made our way downtown. Such a quaint little area with cute fudge shops, ice cream parlors, and restaurants.

First stop - Nina's Taste of Tennessee. They had peanut butter and chocolate fudge made with Jack Daniels!! So my dad bought half a pound of each! Thanks, Dad, for contributing to my ba-dunk-a-dunk!! We also bought some truffles (made from the new Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey!), chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos, and several other not so good for you goodies!!

After dessert, we went down to Barrel House BBQ. The food here was absolutely uh-maz-ing!!! If you ever go, you must get their smoked sausage and "liquid gold" sauce! Also, you must check out the mirror in the bathroom that is the most flattering mirror I've ever looked in. It seriously makes you look about 15 pounds smaller and your legs look so long! At first, I was like "Wow, my workouts are really working!" Then come to find out, it's a "fun" mirror. Talk about disappointment!!  :)

The people here are also so friendly. My dad just loves to give people a hard time - and our waitress was such a good sport! Bless her heart!!! We met the owner and he's the one that spilled the beans about the mirror! Speaking of beans, their beans were pretty delicious!

They are also competing on BBQ Pitmasters on Destination American Channel! Good luck to them!


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