Friday, March 15, 2013

High Five For Friday

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1. This is how Ally fell asleep one night this week.  She is in my underarm "nook" ... you know what place I'm talking about...right?!?!  Yes, we let her sleep with us...HOW can we possible say NO to THIS???  Plus, we have to spoil her after her hard weekend last weekend.  

We took her to my dad's farm and she quickly found the electric fence.  Then we put her in my dad's barn because she is not your typical "I'm FREEEEE.....I have room to run for acres and acres" type of dog.  She WANTED to be inside.  Anyways...I go in the garage to check on her and find her chewing on what I first thought was a treat.  So I asked my dad if he gave her something and he said no.  He promptly ran out to the garage and said a few choice words realizing it was rat poison!!!!  Ally decided to be nosey and found it underneath something in the garage!!  My dad felt horrible because he had forgotten about it...but, it wasn't his fault we have such a nosey dog!  Plus they make the poison to smell and taste good.  She had eaten about 1/4 of the bar.  So we found an emergency vet and rushed her there.  They treated her and now we have to give her vitamin k pills for a month.  She seems to be fine.  Wouldn't you let her sleep with you after all that???  

2. I had a "little" chocolate craving this week.  My absolute favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Candy Coated Mini Eggs!  My Grandma would always have them in a candy dish every single year.  Come to think of it, my Grandma would always have some sort of chocolate in her candy dish year-round. 

3. My blog reached 100 Followers this week!  I am so excited!!  Now, I apparently have to work on my bloglovin' followers since GFC is going away this summer.  

4. The hubs and I went to Chili's to watch the OKC Thunder play...they won by the way!  I had this delicious mango margarita...I like to think it was healthy because of the mango.

5. I FINALLY figured out my sidebar issue!!!  I ended up having to change the width of both sidebars and the main column in the template html.  My multimedia coding and programming classes in college actually came in handy!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!


Halie Renee said...

1. That chocolate pile is making me crave it now too, and that's just not going to fit into trying to eat healthy!
2. The mango margarita also looks and sounds delish!
3. Congrats on reaching 100 GFC followers. And don't worry - it's not actually going away. Only Google Reader is.
4. Visiting today from HF4F! :)

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