Friday, March 22, 2013

H54F and Nail Files

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1. New Manicure...Ulta: Ruby Slippers.  Not very springish but I was just feeling the red this week.

2. Scentsy Order - Doesn't this look fun?!?!  I love getting orders's just like Christmas!!  Check out all the new spring items here!

3. Wine & Palette with my friend, Chastity.  And trust me, we thoroughly enjoyed the "wine" part of the wine and palette!  We may or may not have shared a bottle of a glass :)

4.  My friend, Laura, took me on what we will call a field trip this week.  She took me to our local Asian Market.  I'm not sure what these eggs were called.  I was a little overwhelmed by all the "other" interesting items that I forgot to take a picture of the names of things!  But I just thought these were so pretty!

5.  The hubs' parents bought a cabin at a lake about 3 hours from here!  THIS is the view....cannot wait to spend a weekend there!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  And I hope everyone else's weekend is more spring like than is supposed to be in the 40's and raining fair!


jessica renee said...

I have Ruby Slippers and love it, so pretty!

And omg that view!! Amazing and I'm totally jealous. I need to convince mine or Ronnie's parents to buy a cabin at the lake now (since Lord knows we can't afford it.)! haha

Life With Lauren said...

That is a beautiful nail color! The view is amazing have a wonderful time!

Katie said...

Love the nail polish color! So pretty! I have really come to love Ulta's nail polish! The cabin looks amazing!

Aishah said...

that's a nice red!
I love Ulta nail polishes- I love when they have the sale "buy 2, get 2 free" 4 bottles of nail polish for 12 bucks, plus they always have $3.50 off $10 purchase- WIN-WIN-WIN!!

Lizelle said...

i swear these dark shades own my heart <3

Crystal said...

I love this red! Red is always a classic nail color, so I think it's appropriate all year round ;) Great wine picture too!

tara said...

ohh i love that color! gorgeous!

Christina said...

Pretty color! I always loved getting my Scentsy order in and smelling everyone else's. Then I'd add a bunch more to my list. Haha! That's an awesome lake. I bet you'll visit a lot!

Holly said...

That red may not be springy but it's gorgeous for Winter.. Love it! What a view from the Lake, I'd never want to leave.

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