Saturday, July 28, 2012

Movies at the Gardens

My friend, Tracie, invited me to the Myriad Gardens for "Movies on the Gardens" to see Grease.  I had no idea the Gardens even did fun!!  They let you bring your own drinks, (including alcohol!!), chairs or blankets, and they show "oldie but goodie" movies on a huge screen.  They even have a cute old-fashioned popcorn and cotton candy stand.  I had good intentions of taking a picture of them, but I forgot.  Dang it!!  But I did manage to get a couple *blurry* pics on my phone.  

They don't allow glass, so Tracie was prepared with a delicious, sweet red, box wine.  Thanks girl!!

She even brought "red solo cups" :)

Here's a shot of the screen.  It was such a good night to do this.  I was a little worried because it was 110 degrees all day, but it had cooled down a bit and there was at least a breeze.  And I haven't seen Grease in probably over 10 years!!  I can't wait to go watch another movie.  Maybe next time I can get David to go for a date night.


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