Thursday, July 23, 2015

35 Before 35

Well hello there, it's only been 392 days since I've last blogged.  I've been a little busy with my ALMOST one year old twins.  Where has the time gone?!?!  I'm still debating on putting their pictures on my blog because there truly are so many crazies out there - no offense!  We shall see.  Any who, today is my birthday!!  I thought no better day than to do my 35 Before 35 Bucket List.  I did a 30 Before 30 List a couple years ago and it went pretty well.  So, here we go!  The first couple are being carried over from that list - better late than never.

35 before 35

1.   Go Camping.  This will be a little harder with the girls.  Maybe we'll just stick with the backyard.

2.   Volunteer at an animal shelter.  This is going to be so hard but I really want to do this.  I may have a backyard full of dogs when I'm done.  But they can keep us company while we camp!

3.   Complete our Insanity workout program again - OR Chalean Extreme.  I can't tell you how many times I've started these and only last a couple days.  Time to buckle down and get serious.

4.   Complete our wedding scrapbook.  Yes, this still hasn't happened yet.  It's only been 4 years almost.  One day.

5.  Road trip with no destination.

6.  Reach goal weight.  I'm only 10 pounds away!!  I am happy to say that I weigh less now than I did when David and I got married.  Woot! Woot!

7.  Horse Races at Remington Park - fancy outfits WITH fancy hats!  And of course, take the girls.

8.  Visit Eureka Springs.

9.  Boudoir Pictures!  I wanted to get these done BEFORE I had kids.  Didn't happen.  But I'm even more excited to have these done.  Tiger stripes and all!  Thanks girls for ruining mommy's abs.  HA - like those ever existed!

10.  Pay off my car.  This is the car I got when I was doing my 30 Before 30 List - it's only fair I include it in this list.

11.   Start going to church.  We've been wanting to start going for a while, but just haven't.  We'd love for the girls to be involved in church while growing up.

12.  Disney World on my 35th Birthday.  The girls will be 4 - is that too young for Disney World?

13.  Become a regular blogger.  I love to blog - it's just hard to find the time anymore.  Maybe just a couple times a week!  This also calls for a blog design update!

14.  Visit a winery.  Yep, it's true.  I've never been to a winery.  I'm so sheltered.

15.  Lasik Eye Surgery.  I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of cleaning my glasses and my eyes getting bloodshot from my contacts!!  However, I have high anxiety and think the worst so I would need some good drugs before they go to poking on my eyes.

16.  Plant a garden with the girls.  This can be vegetables or flowers.  Judging from my past flower gardens, maybe we'll go with veggies.

17.   Complete a Mud Run.  I should probably do this after # 3.

18.  Get a tattoo.  I don't have one.  I really want one to represent my twin girls.  A small one.  That can be covered up if needed.  Preferably on my wrist - I can cover with my watch.  Ok - I've made all the decisions.  Now, I just need to get the courage to actually go get one.  I'm skeered. 

19.  Eat at a restaurant featured on the Food Network.  We love to eat out and trying new places.  But I've yet to eat at a place that's been on that channel. 

20.  Redecorate the girls' bathroom.  I've kinda already started this :)

21.  Redecorate our bedroom.  Our dog sleeps in our bed.  Don't judge.  So therefore, we have to wash the comforter often.  It needs updated.  Yesterday.

22.  Learn a different language.  I took Spanish in high school but I don't remember much.  I actually want to purchase a lesson from Rosetta Stone.  I'm thinking French!

23.  Make a rag quilt.  I have the pattern already.  I bought it 5 years ago.  It's time.

24.  Get caught up on Shutterfly albums.  Yea right... a girl can always dream.

25.  Make homemade salsa. 

26.  Take the girls to the beach

27.   Try oysters.  Not looking forward to this one but I've heard they're good.  Plus, I've had escargot before so I feel like I should give oysters a chance. 

28.  Eat at 20 "new to us" restaurants.  I told you we love to eat.

29.  Take the girls to a Thunder game

30.  Visit Great Wolfe Lodge.

31.  Become more consistent with my skincare routine.  I've got wrinkles, my friends.  Not cool.

32.  open to add later

33.  open

34.  open

35.  open


Tanya Ham said...
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Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Welcome back and congrats on the birth of your twins - and for getting through the first year!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Kari said...

Thank you!! It's been a roller coaster that's for sure!!

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