Thursday, November 21, 2013

TeaLicious - Moore, Oklahoma

When my cousin told me about this tea room restaurant in Moore, Oklahoma called TeaLicious, I couldn't wait to try it.  I love places like this.  I hope to one day own one.  A girl's gotta dream, right?

I reserved a "tea party" table for some good friends and we had so much fun.  One of our friends didn't show we ate her sandwiches.  We were good and held back from eating her dessert though.

This was such a cute place.  Girly decor everywhere...LOVE!

And these cupcakes...almost too cute to eat.  Almost!

(Nobody ever spells my name right)

Our table was decorated so lovely.

This tea was very yummy...Strawberry Mango I believe.

I'm not a big "fancy" sandwich eater, but these were actually quite tasty.  My favorite....cucumber and cream cheese.

And my favorite part...dessert.  The strawberry shortcake was absolutely amazing!!

Love these girls!!

And then we stopped at the local $1 jewelry store...yes we were "those" people.  Don't judge.

What a fun day!  I will definitely be going back to TeaLicious! for my plug...  
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Shel Harrington said...

Thanks for the review - I will be passing this on to a tea-loving buddy!

robin lorraine williamson said...

thanks for sharing the tea shop visiting from the collective hop I'm lorraine at

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