Friday, November 2, 2012

Nail Files: Halloween Style

Ok - this is my last Halloween post - I PROMISE!!  It's my 2nd favorite holiday, what can I say?!?  Today, I'm linking up with Tara and Vicki for their Nail Files Linkup.

This week I used an awesome black color that I got from this swap.  I topped it with a crackle I got last month in my Julep Box.  This was my first time using a crackle...I really like it!

Ruby Kisses: Black Eutopia
Julep: Sabrina

I did my nails to match this costume.  This is what I wore on Halloween night to hand out candy.  Yes, I had several costumes this year....don't judge!

Of course, David was Batman...surprise surprise.  I ask him if he ever gets tired of being the same thing every year.  "Hell no" was his response.

Pointy Boots and Fishnets - a Witch must!

Even Ally was a Witch - she just LOVED it.

She loved it so much, she wouldn't even look at me :-( 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


jennie shaw said...

Great costume! And your nails are very witch-y! :)

Jessica Renee said...

That polish looks so cool and SO perfect for your costume!!! I love that you have so much fun with Halloween. Maybe one day I'll get into it too ;) haha

Alexandra Lackey said...

I love the crackle nail polish! very festive!

Kimberlee said...

I used Julep's crackle for Halloween too! It looked great with black :)

tara said...

perfect halloween nails!

Coley said...

I agree those nails match your costume perfectly!

JM said...

Hey! I sent you an email -- I received you as the person to gift for the Holiday Ornament Swap (hosted by Dreaming of Dimples and Living in Yellow)! Hope to hear from you soon, excited that you appear to be interested in holidays also! :)

Christina said...

Great nails for Halloween! And awesome costume. I really love that you go all out!

Rachel said...

Ahh, I need crackle nail polish now! So cute!!


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