Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This was my first Mother's Day as a Puppy Mom! 

Just look at these puppy dog eyes!!!

She got me this cute little card!  Thanks Ally :)

On Mother's Day, I went down to Geronimo to see my mom.  I surprised her with these flowers! 

As much as I hate to admit this, MOM made ME breakfast.  She already had it planned so I didn't want to tell her no.  I was going to offer to make it instead, but knowing her, it probably would've just stressed her out even more because I would've made a mess :) 

Sausage Balls....

with Fried Eggs...yummmm!!!!  She ALWAYS gets the fried eggs perfect...everytime!  Mine are never this pretty!

Then for dessert, we had jelly on our sausage balls.  We have never tried this before but it was DELISH! 

After breakfast, I treated her to a pedicure.  Ok, my mother has had only one...yes, ONE, other pedicure in her life!!!!  CRAZY!!!  And it was a "basic".  This time, we got the "deluxe".  Those of you who are familiar with pedicure lingo know this consists of pamper overload!!  Soak, Scrub, Foot Massage, Mask, Paraffin Wax ... and the wonderful massaging chair.  I happen to ♥ the chair.  My mom; however, did not.  Her exact words were "It shakes me around too much!"  lol  I really wish my sister could've came up and spent the day with us!!  Next time - she better :)

We went to her favorite place in the mall and she had the guy, Kenny I believe was his name, that always does her nails.  She will only let him do her nails.  Nail Salon snob!!!  hehe



 We didn't do anything crazy.  I went with a very neutral peachy color and she got the french white/pink.

 While drying my nails, I noticed the table with all of their colorful scrubs and lotions.  Soooo....I just HAD to get a picture :)

After our nails, we went and ate at Cracker Barrel.  It wouldn't be right if we both looked ok in the SAME here is her good one..

...and here is mine...

This Mother's Day was the first one without my wonderful Grandma.  As I went down the card aisle, it felt strange not getting her a "Grandma" card and not getting her a gift.  It's things like this that really make it sink in that she is actually gone.  My mom got this pretty arrangement to put out at the cemetary.  Pink and purple were two of my Grandma's favorite colors :)   

I think this picture was taken Thanksgiving 2010.  We miss you, Grandma!!!


Sherry said...

You did a good job at this little memory share.
I am so glad that you didn't let your Mom be alone on her first Mother's Day without her precious Mom! Looks like the two of you had a blast! Love you both.
Sherry Philllips

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