Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lunch with Lo at Cafe Bella

My friend Laura - AKA "Lo" - (who I also work with) and I went to a training day for work this week and on our lunch, we found this cute little tea room in the city called Cafe Bella.  I took the opportunity to embarrass her by taking pictures!!  She said she wasn't embarrassed but I'm pretty sure she was just saying that to be nice!  I ALWAYS take pictures when I try out new she should've known!! :)

(I just realized we are sitting the EXACT same way....that was totally not planned!!)

This was a picture of their tabletops...cute!

They have so many flavors of tea...I even saw Bubblegum and Coconut!  I, being the "stick to the same ol' - same ol' type of person that I am, ordered plain, unflavored black tea.  Laura got a Jasmine flavored tea and it was fabulous!  Next time, I will step outside of my comfort zone and order something with flavor.

We both ordered the Tuscany Panini and Creamy Baked Potato Soup...yum!!!  It even came with a little serving of Pasta Salad :)

And since we couldn't resist have been so good on our diets lately, we each got a smoothie.  She got the Mango and I got Chocolate Banana.  We drank every last drop because they were soooo good!!! 

I will definitely be going back here :)
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Anonymous said...

Yummy :) I loved that place and I wasn't embarrassed at all :) But poor David!! "Lo"

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