Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Wow - where have the last almost 3 months gone??  Oh, that's right ... to my ever-so-comfortable couch and hovering over the toilet! :)  Oh, the joys of being pregnant!!  For my bloggy friends, I have some crazy and exciting news to share.  Last time I posted, I shared the news that we are expecting our first little one.  Two weeks after finding out we were with baby, we had our first ultrasound appointment.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  It was 2 days before Christmas.  I had called into work that day because I was extremely sick.  I never wanted to be that girl that called in for morning sickness.  But to no avail, it has happened on occasion.  David and I were in the room waiting and I was really scared they were going to find more than one baby because of the MINOR fertility treatment we had done.  The doctor comes in, does his thing, and says "Oh this is good news!"  So I was thinking everything looks great and we are good to go.  His next sentence would change our lives forever.... "You have twins."  TWINS?!?!  was my immediate thought.  I quickly responded with "OH MY GOSH are you serious?!?!"  He laughed and turned to me and said he doesn't joke about things like that.  David was standing next to me and I'm pretty sure I squeezed his arm as though I was actually in labor.  I looked at David in completed horror and he was just smiling.  Luckily, we have all of the ultrasound on video because after the word twins came out of my doctor's mouth, everything else was a drunken blur.  I do remember him saying we were in the 7% that get pregnany with multiples on Femara. I need to repeat that??  SEVEN percent!   

The colors don't mean anything - we don't know what we are having yet!

We only heard one heartbeat because Baby B was hiding a little behind Baby A and he couldn't quite get to it.  Little stubborn thing!  (We have since heard both and they are both doing great!)  We left in a complete state of shock.  I really believe I was freaking out just a tiny bit more than David.  Ok, A LOT more.  But he holds all of his worry/panic/freak out in so much better than I do.  We called our parents to share the news and they were very excited.  I believe my words to my father were "I need to start collecting inheritance early and I need for you start selling cows and some of your farm equipment asap."  He laughed.  It was not a laughing matter.  I was serious.  He laughed some more.  I panicked some more.  Life goes on.  

We announced it on Facebook with this subtle picture...

Since then, we have gotten used to the idea.  More on the little bambinos soon!


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said... exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Ash said...

Wow! This is super exciting!! Congratulations!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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Christin Theiss said...

how cute!!!!! congrats! I'm anew follower, can't wait to read more !


Christina said...

Awww! Congratulations!

Justine B said...

Ahhhh!!! So exciting!! Congrats to you both :)

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