Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dr. Scholl's Active Series Review

Disclaimer: As part of the Influenster Program, I received one, complimentary pair of Dr. Scholl's Active Series insoles.  All words and opinions are my own. 

You can imagine my excitement when I received this fun little package in the mail!  I love getting my Influenster boxes...I can't wait to dig in and see what product I'm about to review.  Want to be part of Influenster?  Comment below with your email address and I'll randomly choose a few to send an invite to.  I would love to choose all of you but I only get 5 :)

Moving my Influenster box this month, I received a pair of Dr. Scholl's Active Series.  I have to say, I have never purchased insoles before.  I never knew what the point was.  I mean, insoles already come in my shoes!!!  Right??  Wrong!  Well, they do - BUT - they ain't got nothin' on these little beauties (if insoles can be beauties).

They are so comfortable.  Like, walking on cushions comfortable!  I am a pronator.  I roll towards the inside of my foot when I walk.  These insoles don't claim to help that, but I feel like they helped a little bit.  They also helped support my arch.

And they were super easy to use.  All you do is take out your old, and in my case - dirty, (don't judge - I don't wear socks when I wear these shoes because they are mesh and breathable.  And that's my story) insole and trace the size of it onto the new one.  Then cut along the traced line and there you have it - your new, bright, and shiny insole.  

Aren't they pretty?  I never realized how worn out insoles can get.  You know that cushion(y) feel of brand new shoes?  I have it again!  

What fun products have you tried lately?


Blogger Ash said...

Love these! I use them in my Keds and Toms for extra support! Found you through the peacoats and plaid link up. Stop by and say hi sometime!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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