Monday, August 20, 2012

Tulsa Trip - lululemon

As some of you know, I have a recent addiction to hot yoga.  Before my thumb issue, I would go to class at least 2 or 3 times a week.  Since starting yoga, I learned about this line of yoga wear called lululemon.  The closest store to us was in Tulsa so of course, I had to stop by while we were on our mini vaca this weekend.  It's on the more expensive side but after trying it on in the store for the first time....OMG I can totally see why!  It's for sure not your average yoga pant or top...the material was like silk!!  It was so flowy (is that a word) and soft, I didn't want to take it off!!!  

I NEED this outfit!!!  I loved loved loved this top!!  I took notes of my sizes so maybe my dear hubby will purchase this for me for Christmas!!  *hint hint*

Their store was so cute!  It wasn't a full retail store - it was called a showroom because it was smaller.  But I thought it was just the right size.  Any bigger, and I would've been overwhelmed!

I loved these stairs ... I want some stairs to stencil on!

So many cute clothes.

The 2 girls working were super sweet and helpful!

I purchased this headband.  I have an issue with my headband slipping and I've heard so many good things about these because they are adjustable.  So far so good!  The real test comes when I wear it to my next hot yoga class.

Aren't these bags fun?!?!  I wanted to buy more so I could get a bigger bag!  :)  I will definitely be going back!!


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