Friday, April 23, 2010

"Thunder Up!"

David and I went to the OKC Thunder vs. LA Lakers Playoff Game last night and had a blast! It was the best game so far this season! We've never been so *into* the game as we were last night. It was such a close game but Thunder came out ahead winning it 101-96! The crowd was absolutely crazy...including us. :) I sat next to a really nice older couple that had been to *EVERY* Thunder game! She had so many fun Thunder toys...noise makers, flags, etc. She just kept pulling things out of her purse ~ I swear it was like one of those magic hats! We ate awesome Philly Cheesesteak Fries and had a Diet Coke that we bought in a souvenir cup. They even gave out free Thunder shirts and pom poms to everyone in the crowd! The game didn't get over til after midnight so we were sooo tired and ready to get home and go to bed. Can't wait for the next game we get to go to!



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