Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Gotta Love Free Stuff!!"

So here are all my free and half off products from Pampered Chef!! Can't wait to use them!!!

* Mix 'n Masher                  * Bamboo Spoon Set
* Bamboo Specialty Set    * Mini Serving Spatula
* Classic Batter Bowl         * Cranberry Deep Dish Baker
* Chipotle Rub                  * Food Chopper
* Muffin Pan                      * Can Strainer
* Tiered Tower                   * Microfiber Towel

Not bad for a catalog show!! I wanna do another one soon...probably around Christmas time!

Well anyways... enough about that! David texted me today and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the NBA Playoff game between OKC Thunder and LA Lakers...OF COURSE I WANT TO GO!!! He got tickets from his the best part is it will be free to go! I'm not the biggest fan of basketball but I still enjoy going to the games just because. AND I talked myself into getting a cute Thunder shirt...I figure we're going to be going to a lot of games so I *NEED* a shirt!! So I guess I'll go shopping after work tomorrow! :)


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