Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Busy Day!"

David and I had a busy day today. David worked on the house all day and got the living room completely painted and trimmed out. When I got home, I was running around doing laundry *where does it all come from??*, cooking dinner...which by the way was DELISH *parmesan crusted chicken and fettucini alfredo*...and cleaning up the house.

After dinner, we decided to go get a dining room light! Doesn't it look fun?!?

Then we came home, I made chocolate chip jumbo muffins (from the box)...mmmmm, and David put up some light fixtures.

After we were done with the house stuff, David ever so graciously helped me with this blog. He is so good at Photoshop and HTML...he rocks!! After tonight, hopefully we can have a nice relaxing night tomorrow night and just enjoy each other's company!


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