Thursday, August 6, 2015

Very important stuff

I am so excited that I have time for a blog post - I know you've been anxiously awaiting for more! haha   As I was logging in to my blogger account, I realized something...I have absolutely nothing to blog about.  My life of fun recipes, craft projects, product reviews, restaurant visits, and just plain exciting, can't-even-stand-it stuff I used to blog about, is no longer existent.  My life revolves around these beautiful, smart, and amazing little girls.  Oh and of course my husband and our dog :)  Those two links really go to show I haven't blogged in umpteen years.  I've never typed that word - umpteen.  I think it should be left for saying and not typing - it looks weird.
I've questioned whether or not to post pictures of the girls on here but then I decided it's really no different than Facebook and Lord knows I annoyingly fill my friends' newsfeeds with adorable twin moments.  Sorry guys!  Ok - I'm not really that sorry.  So because I have nothing better to post on my little blog, allow me introduce to you Kentley and Carley! 

We had to do something with Batman for their newborn pics - the photographer made these cute little outfits - love them!! 
Photo taken by Crimsy Photography
The blanket in this photo was given to the girls by their Ma-Ma (my mom)
Photo taken by Crimsy Photography
 And they got this blanket from their Grandma (hubby's mom)
Photo taken by Crimsy Photography
Our first official family photo
Photo taken by Blue Sky Photography

1 year smash cake photos
Photos taken by Blue Sky Photography
The end!
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