Thursday, June 26, 2014

Maternity Photos

Pregnancy brain REALLY messed me up when it came to our maternity photos.  I had been thinking all along that I scheduled them on June 7th.  So I was going to spend the week before that getting my nails done, shopping for some outfits, and possibly getting a spray tan on this pasty, prego body!  Well, the Saturday prior to the 7th, my photographer texted me and said she wanted to make sure everything was in order for tomorrow.  TOMORROW?!?  Now, her and I had been texting for a couple days working out some details but I thought she was just really on top of things which I can appreciate.  But no...I had the wrong date in my mind.  What's worse is that I actually had it in my calendar on the correct date!

So I scrambled to do my own nails, went shopping the next morning, and had to shave my legs (which is quite a ridiculous task right now).  Screw the tan...I didn't have time!  And David was going to cut his hair before the pics - didn't happen.  So he had his long, curly hair - which I love anyways!  Turns out, as little prep as I did for these pics, I love how they turned out!  

We used Crimsy Photography, a mother/daughter photographer duo.  They are absolutely awesome!  They will be doing our newborn photos too - can't wait for those!  A couple weeks before our session, they messaged me to see if I would be interested in being their first client to use a maternity session dress that the mom was making.   It was to be a white, tube-top style dress with a split all the way up to the tummy.  And I said of course!  Then I thought...what have I just said yes to??  A SPLIT all the way up the tummy?!?!  She told me I'd just wear white boy shorts with it.  I have to admit, I was VERY nervous about this.  But I just decided to go for it!  I'm so glad I did.  The dress wasn't what I was imagining.  I thought it would be open all the time...but it was flowy enough to wrap around.  I loved the dress - I wanted to take it home and I wanted one in every color!  

So I don't flood my Facebook page with all of these photos, I'll flood my blog instead :)  All photo credit to Crimsy Photography!  Some of these are the same image - just a different edit - I didn't want to decide which to post so I posted all of them.

First cute is the CD?!?!  LOVE!

Yep - I just went for it!  Look at those pasty legs!!  

I told her not to Photoshop my stretch marks out on this one - I worked hard for them!!  And much to my surprise...they've gotten way worse!

Thanks again to Crimsy Photography for doing an amazing job on our maternity photographs.  I have to admit, when looking through the CD, some of these photos brought tears to my eyes.  We couldn't have asked for a better way to capture this special time in our lives.   

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