Friday, December 13, 2013

Secret Santa Swap Reveal PLUS My Own Reveal!!

Today is reveal day for the Secret Santa Swap!!!  This is my 2nd year to do this swap and it's always so much fun!

My Secret Santa (I had to do some quick blog stalking before posting this) was Ashley from A Cute Angle!  And she did SO GOOD!!  

Here's my box of goodies!!

iphone pic with some fun editing

Here's what I got:
1. Snowman Ice Cube/Jello/Chocolate/Whatever I Want To Use Them For Molds
2. Wet'n'Wild Nail Polish in Rain Check - shimmery blue....LOVE!
3. Glittery Reindeer Ornament - so sparkly!
4. Ghiradelli Mint Chocolate Squares - YUM!
5. Snowman Spatula - very cute!
6. Avon Skin So Soft Lotion - perfect for my super dry winter skin.
7. A Knitted Drink Cozy - at first I didn't know what this was.  My husband was for sure it was a bracelet.
8. A Glittery Cupcake Candle - too cute to burn! :) My husband thought this was a real cupcake and was very excited about it until I said it was a candle.
9. Black and Pink Slippers - I've literally worn them every night since I got them!
10. Some Assorted Tea Bags - can't wait to try these.
11.  A Rawhide for Ally - I was so excited when I saw she got something for Ally.  How thoughtful!! I was going to take a pic of Ally enjoying it but by the time I remembered, she already had it half gone and it wasn't very picture pretty with all the slobber!!

She seriously spoiled me!!  Thank you so much Ashley....I love it all!!!

I was the Secret Santa for Ricci over at Ricci Explains It All.  I think I totally gave it away when I sent her Posh samples!!  Oops :)

This was so much fun...can't wait to do it next year! 

And for my BIG REVEAL....

Some of you may know we have been trying for quite some time so we are so excited about this.  And even though we've been planning/trying for over a year, it still came as a shock.  We stared at the positive tests, David told me to take another and then another and then another.  After 5 positives, we were pretty sure.  But not certain!  lol  After blood work, I am convinced.  David, on the other hand, wants to see it before he believes it.  hahahaha  

We aren't sure how Ally is going to like sharing all of the attention.  But I think she will be an awesome big sister!   :)
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