Monday, July 29, 2013

Pink Sparkles

Well, they are finally gone.  I will never get them back again.  My twenties.  I decided not to be sad about turning the big 3-0 ... I was actually really excited and I still am!  I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life.  Everyone always told me that when you wake up on your 30th Birthday, you feel different and your entire outlook on life changes.  Yea, that didn't happen.  

I thought maybe when I turn 30, I would be more outgoing and I would quit caring about what people think of me (because I am notorious for worrying about that).  The thing that DID happen was that I accept myself more and I accept the fact that no matter what, I am NOT outgoing!  I love to get out and do things, but I am the girl in the corner who is quiet!  I'm not a snob - I am not stuck-up - I just don't say anything unless I have something specific to say.  I am HORRIBLE at small talk and I like to think of myself as socially awkward!  I've always hated that about myself but now I'm ok with it and I think it's a fabulous characteristic that always has been and always will be ME!  And, I will always care about what people think of me.  I've accepted that and am moving on.  But I am getting better :)

My birthday pic :)

Ok - on to the fun stuff!  I've never been a big birthday party person.  When I was younger I was but now that I'm older, I have party planning anxiety.  Not because I hate to plan things, because I love planning parties...just not my own.  I'm paranoid nobody will show up.  Sad, I know.  So, for my 30th, we kept it pretty calm.  The weekend before my actual birthday, my mom, sister, and 2 nieces came up to visit.  On my big day, David and I went to Texas Roadhouse after he got off work and I was at home and in bed by 11.  Exciting, I tell ya!  Then, this past weekend, we went to David's parent's lake house and spent the weekend with them.  (More on that later)

I had to share this card that my friend Tanya made for me...SO CUTE!!  Her blog is pretty amazing too - check it out!

If you read this,  this, and this, you know I love getting freebies for my birthday from stores and restaurants I frequent.  This year was no exception!!

My gift from Victoria's Secret.  I had been wanting this perfume for a while so I thought I would use my birthday reward on it thinking I would still owe some money.  Nope - it was on sale for something like 6 bucks so I had enough left to get the matching lotion!!  Thank you Victoria! 

I had a $15 Birthday Card from JCPenney so I picked up these cute sandals - I think I ended up paying $2 for them.

My $10 Ulta gift got me some new mascara - I decided to try the Kardashian Khroma - it's my new favorite right now!

Sephora always has amazing birthday gifts.  This year, I got Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter and They're Real Mascara.

My birthday gift from Kohl's - very excited about these because my old ones are coming apart.

Vera Bradley sent me a 40% off coupon so I got a new planner!  I LOVE their planners and the fact that I change every 6 months, I really needed this coupon!

Have you ever seen the Facebook Gifts option?  Well, I have and I never thought it was real.  I thought it was some type of scam or something.  I was wrong.  David's uncle sent me one and I was able to pick my own gift. I chose the Barnes and Noble gift card and because I love me some self-help books, I picked up 2 new ones!  

My mom, sister, and nieces came to visit the weekend before my birthday.  We had lots of fun.  We made mint chocolate chip homemade ice cream and my mom brought a marble cake with chocolate icing.  She also cooked dinner for us which was nice.  Her cooking and my cooking are a little different - she does it up good ol' fashioned country style! 

Yummy calories!!

My sister and the girls got me these cute little wine stoppers!  Just what I had asked for!!

My mom got me a tea kettle and some new kitchen towels.  I had picked these out a couple weekends before when her and I were shopping but I acted totally surprised when I opened them!

Love the super hero card :)

If you've read my 30 Before 30 List, you know that "own something Chanel" was on there.  Well, I added that to my list because I wanted some of the diamond Chanel "c's" earrings.  Yeah...that was before I knew how much they cost!!!!  On my Birthday Eve, David wanted to give me one present.  He brought this in to me.  He said he wanted me to be able to check one more thing off of my list and all the other things were pretty random.  He said this was the most realistic thing he could do.  He thought he would buy me some Chanel earrings or necklace.  Again...before he knew how much they cost!  So, he decided on a bottle of Chanel perfume.  I love it!!  He's pretty awesome :)

My Birthday Morning, I woke up to this!  I've been wanting a bike forever!  I hadn't rode one in probably 15 years...seriously.  I'm excited about adding this yellow beach cruiser to my workouts.

Ally got me a phone case to go on my bike - she's such a good gift giver :)

Can't have a birthday without some Gigi's!  He got me their new cheesecake cupcakes - Heaven in my mouth.

Flowers from David .... aaaawwww.  Ok - enough of that. 

Card from David's parents - oh yes, I put that money to good use!  I ordered these..

Love my work decor :)  The medical compliance part of me zoomed in on every part of this picture to make sure no patient info was shown....I think I'm good.  

Starbucks from Haley - she knows me so well :)


Cake at Work - Oreo Goodness

With a Little Cupcake Goodness on the Side

My gift to myself :) 

I just realized...2 pairs of Toms.  Oh well.
I was shopping at Lucca with my 4-year-old niece, Addy, and I tried these on and another pair Toms wedges.  I couldn't decide which pair to get and she asked "Which one is more comfortable, Aunt Kari?"  LOL  I said the flats and she said to get those.  I told her that maybe I am too old for pink sparkly shoes and she said I wasn't.  So Pink Sparkly Toms Flats it was!  It made me think...I may be 30 but I will never be too old for sparkles!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

beautybox5 Review

I was contacted by a representative at Beauty Box 5 and was asked to do a review of their "beauty box".  I gladly accepted and about 2 weeks later, this little goody arrived in my mailbox!  I have done many monthly beauty box subscriptions in the past such as, BirchBox and Julep Maven, and I'm so excited to be able to review this one!

What I received:
ModelCo Illusion Lip Enhancer Kit (full size) - $20 value
bodyography Foundation Primer in Clear (.53 oz) - $15 value - it is $30 for a 1 oz bottle on their website
Brazen Cosmetics Organic Mineral Eye Shadow in Birthday Suit - $8 value
Jean Pierre Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues - $2 value
blinc Mascara in Black .02 oz - value unknown

I was actually pretty impressed with this kit.  My favorite thing about it?  There were no perfume samples!!  I very much dislike perfume samples!!  This box had about $50 worth of product.  Good product.  You can sign up to get yours delivered to you monthly for only $12/month!!  Just click on the box below!!

Disclaimer: I received one free box from the company.  All words and opinions are my own.

Friday, July 19, 2013


It feels like it's been forever...and a day...since I've blogged.  I haven't even looked at my blog in over a month.  Poor, little, sad blog.  Sometimes a girl needs a blog break, right?  Right.  I decided to finally "check out" my blog today...May 31st was my last post.  Almost TWO months.  Enough blog break already!!  I figured my last post was a High Five for Friday so what better than to do a H54F as my "come back" post.  

Looking back at my last post, it really made me realize how much blogging truly keeps me reliable for certain things in life...eating health, baking some not-so-healthy treats, trying new beauty products, keeping my nails in tip top shape, and taking random pictures with my phone.  So, I think I'm over my bloggy break and excited to get back at it!  I plan on getting a new blog design and I'm a little nervous about that.  That would require making a decision...and if you read this post, you know how much I loathe making decisions!

I have a couple things that I can't wait to share with my readers.  One, I received a complimentary Beauty Box 5 that I am going to do a review on.  So look for that soon!  Also, we just got back from Sea World!  I won't make you sit on the couch and watch a home video of our family vacation...but I am definitely going to share some close-ups of Shamu!  I also received a free month's worth of Xyng - I'm going to start taking it next week and I'll do a couple reviews throughout the month.  

Ok...on to High Five for Friday....

As always, linking up with Lauren

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

1.  I had lunch with some pretty awesome girlfriends this week!  Two lunch dates in 1 week ... 1 at Pei Wei and the other at Panera Bread!

2.  I get to see my 4 favoritest girls this weekend!  My mom, sister, and nieces are coming to visit!  Skype is our normal means of communication with my nieces and sister since they live 12 hours away in Alabama.

3.  I am in week 2 of my bootcamp at home series.  I canceled my yoga membership for now.  I can workout at home for free.  More money in my pocket = more money to buy shoes and scrapbook stuff :)  It's all about priorities!

4.  About to start my 3rd week of the 30 Day Plank Challenge with my former fellow yogi girls!  I'm a little scared of the 5 minute day!  Pretty sure my arms will collapse and I will fall flat on my face.  I will try to get a picture of that for your viewing pleasure.  

5. My flowers are looking lovely!  Is it bad that I'm already over my summer flowers and ready for fall? Can't wait to plant some pansies and more mums!

This is my last Friday in my 20's!  I have made an executive decision to not be sad about this.  I am going to enter into my 30's hell on heels!!  I am also excited about transforming my 30 Before 30 List into my 35 Before 35 List.  I wasn't able to complete all of my goals but 12.5 out of 30 isn't bad for only have a year to complete everything ... since I decided to wait until I was 29 to create this list!  I'm counting half a point for the movies.  I've seen about half now.   

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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