Friday, January 18, 2013

All About Me A ~ Z

Stealing this idea from Alexandra from Everything Under the Sun!  I think it's a great way for my followers to learn some random facts about me :)

A) Age: 29
B) Bed size: King.
C) Chore you hate: Putting folded clothes up.  HATE this!!  I don't mind sorting, washing, drying, and folding...but putting them up?  I'd rather just have piles of folded clothes on top of the dresser instead of putting them in the drawer! 
D) Dogs: Ally
 E) Essential start to your day: Apple Juice.  Weird I know - but it used to be Diet Dr. Pepper and I'm trying to give that up.  Plus, I just recently tried apple juice for the first time and I really like it.  Who knew??
F) Favorite color: Turquoise ... right now.  It changes often.
G) Gold or Silver: Loving gold right now.  
H) Height: 5'3"
I) Instruments you play: None.  I even suck at Rock Band. 
J) Job Title: Medical Staff Specialist
K) Kids: Not yet...hopefully soon! 
L) Live: Oklahoma
M) Married: Yes, to Batman
N) Nicknames: I don't really have one...nicknames are weird to me!  I don't even call my friends by their nickname.  People used to call me CareBear
O) Overnight hospital stays: Twice. Once in 3rd grade and once when I was in 11th grade I think.  Both times for pneumonia.
P) Pet Peeve: When people don't use their blinkers!  I'm sure I could think of many more! 
Q) Quote: Right now my favorite quote is "What Doesn't Challenge You, Doesn't Change You."
R) Righty or Lefty: Righty
S) Siblings: sister - Kelly
T) Time you wake up: 7 ish
U) University Attended: Cameron University - have a degree in MultiMedia Design.  Do I use it?  Nope!
V) Vegetables you dislike: Tomatoes 
W) What makes you run late: My dog... she whines and makes me think she has to go outside so I follow her to the door...but she goes straight to her treats!  She tricks me every morning and I always fall for it!
X) X-rays you've had: mouth, neck, chest, wrist, ankle
Y) Yummy food: pizza, cupcakes, and chips and queso
Z) Zoo animal favorite: baby seals - love them - or monkeys

Pottery Painting

One afternoon, our departments at work took a little break - a MUCH NEEDED break!  We like to call it "team building".  We went to Be Wild for Art in Norman, Oklahoma.  You pick the piece you want to paint, your colors, brushes - and let me tell you, there are TONS of items to pick from!  It was so hard to decide!!

These are all the colors of paint

They even have a bling bar - can't go wrong with a little bling!

Pick your poison!

I will be doing a platter next!

Aren't they all so intensely focused?!?  I love how they all seemed to manage a "We are trying to paint, get the camera out of our face" smile!

I knew I wanted to do something for my kitchen so it had to be turqouse and yellow - this was my inspiration.

I chose to do a spoon rest - plus I wanted to start small :)

After they fire the paint, it gets so much darker - crazy.

After I was done with the spoon rest, I wanted to do something else.'s kind of addicting.  Soooo...I decided to make David a mug for his birthday.  This is why I've waited so long to post these pictures - his birthday is the end of December and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

Here they are after having them fired.  See how much darker they look??  I love it!

My finished products!

IMPOSSIBLE to get everyone looking - they hate me because I force pictures upon them!
I can wait to go back. I think we need another team building exercise!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Color Me Rad 5K

Well, it's official.  I have signed up for the Color Me Rad 5K.  I am dragging the hubs along with me but I just know he's thrilled. (insert evil smile here)  No, but really, I think he's excited too.  This will be one more cross off from my 30 Before 30 List.  I am the team captain and after googling fun names, I've decided instead of going for the obvious Color Me Pink (or Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow), or any other name that everyone else is using, I chose something different.  David wanted Taste The Rainbow - but that was similar to one of the names I'd seen on Google and I wanted something nobody else had.  So I chose....Stay Inside the Lines.  Ya know, because they are coloring you, and you want them to stay inside the lines??  Cheesy?  Yes.   

Any of you locals want to join my team???  Comment here and we'll get you signed up!  You know you wanna!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Week 3 Has Begun

I can't believe we have completed 2 weeks...we are half way through our yoga challenge! This week we painted our toenails RED!! Every time we do this picture and put our toes in, it reminds of that Captain Planet show. Please tell me I'm not the only one that knows what that show is!! Happy Wednesday everyone :)

Recipe Book

I made this photobook for my sister for Christmas - I just ordered myself a copy! 

Create your own personalized photo books at

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

When I turned 29, I created a 30 Before 30 List to challenge myself to complete some things I've been wanting to do.  Now, I know most people create these lists when they are more than a year away from 30 - but I was a little behind!  One of the things on this list was to complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge - and it is well under way!!  I'm so excited to be doing this because ever since my first yoga class, I have fallen in love with it!

I go to Soul Yoga here in OKC and have met some amazing women.  The instructors there seriously ROCK!  When I heard they were offering a challenge starting in January, I jumped at the chance to sign up and I'm so glad I did.  I have had to take a mini blogging break just to get used to doing yoga every single day but I think my body is getting used to the idea now.  Who knows, I may keep this up even after the challenge!   

This quote has gotten me through the challenge thus far - meaning when we are in those grueling yoga positions that feel like our quads are about to give out, I think of this quote and say it over and over in my head and it gets me through those moments.

A couple of the girls and I decided to paint our nails and toenails a different color every week of the challenge.  Just another little something to make it more fun.  The line up:

Here are our YogiToes so far:
Week 1 - Mint Green
Week 2 - Bright Blue
Excuse the blurry picture - it was really steamy in the yoga studio and my iPhone kept fogging up.

I NEVER would have imagined myself doing a handstand - and I still don't have it perfected - but I did one in class!  With the help of the instructor of course :)  I came home and had David take a picture of me - dang him for not getting my feet!!  I swear my feet are NOT touching the wall!

When I complete this challenge, I am going to buy myself some yoga clothes (probably just one outfit - beings that it is a little on the not-so-cheap side) from LuluLemon.  I visited one of their stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma and since then, they have built a showroom here in Oklahoma City.  I can't wait to check it out!
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