Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Leopard and Green

I have recently discovered my love of leopard.  Ok, I'm lying.  I have always been a little obsessed with anything leopard print.  Our master bedroom and bathroom have leopard accents (thanks to the hubby for letting me add leopard), my robe is leopard, my favorite bra is leopard, my office has leopard, my Snuggie is leopard.  You get the idea.  So last week, I paired it with green and now I love it even more.

Necklace: JCP / Bracelet: GroopDealz / Watch: Betsey Johnson / Bag: Jessica Simpson / Shoes: JCP

Let's discuss two things now.  First, the green bracelet.  You may remember me talking about everything pink and mint.  I get the most fabulous jewelry from GroopDealz.  Check it out.  Moving on...

Second, that BAG!!  True story... About 6 or so months ago, I was in Staples (or Office Depot - I always get them confused) and I saw this amazing Jessica Simpson Leopard Tote lined in PINK!  It would be perfect for my books/magazines/planner/bagofthingsIneed that I take to work everyday.  Plus, it came with a pink laptop cover/case whatever you call it.  It was everything I could have ever wanted in a bag.  Except, it was over $100!!  I am a bargain shopper and refuse to pay that much for a book tote.  I left the store very sad and put it on my list of things I need.  I never saw it again :(

UNTIL I went to Ross last week at lunch with the intentions of buying a book tote because I am tired of my old, plain, brown one.  They had the bag!!  It was the only one they had left and it was only $27.99!!!  Annnnd it still had the little price gadget thing from Staples on the inside.  It had gone on sale there to $79.99.  But, apparently nobody purchased it because they knew it was meant to be mine!  Staples shipped it off to Ross and it is now with me every. single. day.  Talk about meant to have this bag! 


Molly Kay said...

Love the bag!!!! So super cute and what a steal!! WAY to go

Tanya Ham said...

Poppin' Tags! LOL :) Don't you love it when you find such great bargains!! I am a nut for leopard print too, or zebra sometimes. Adorable bag and shoes!! :)

The Fitted Bedroom Centre said...

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