Thursday, May 23, 2013

Box of Sunshine and Neighbor Baskets

I love putting together gift baskets for people - so when I get the chance, I jump on it.  For instance, one of my friends celebrated her birthday a couple weeks ago and she's been going through some not so happy times so what better than a Sunshine Box???  I saw this idea on Pinterest (wish I could take full credit for the idea) and knew I wanted to make her one. 

Basically, you just buy everything in yellow.  Easy?  Yes!

Here's what I included in her box:
Yellow Gatorade - I don't know the flavor because we all choose our Gatorade by the color and not the flavor right??
Yellow Nail Polish
Bottle of Bubbles
Yellow Kleenex Pack
Yellow Dish Soap
Juicy Fruit
Yellow Sticky Note Pad
Yellow Loofah
Yellow Cat Dog Toy - I couldn't find a yellow dog toy so I improvised with a cat toy.  Her dog is small and he'll never know the difference.
I also got her a yellow sign at Hobby Lobby but you could definitely do this without that.

The blue tissue paper represents the sky.  Ok, not really.  And I didn't choose blue on purpose.  I just made that part up...just now.

I packed it all in a photo organizer box I found at Michael's and topped it with a yellow (of course) bow.

My next baskets are for our neighbors.  We FINALLY have neighbors!  We have lived in our house for almost a year with absolutely nobody around us.  The closest one is 3 houses down. We don't even have neighbors behind us because that is where the clubhouse is.  So when both houses on either side of us sold in the same weekend, we were pretty excited.  Well, it was bittersweet.  We kinda enjoyed the privacy.  Not that we walked out on our front porch with no clothes on but just knowing that we could if we wanted to was nice...just sayin'.

Cookie and Cupcake Basket

Spaghetti Dinner Basket

I am making myself be neighborly because I've lived around some not so friendly people and I don't want to be "that" person.  I'm normally quiet and wait for people to come to me (most people refer to this as being snobby..ugh), but I'm tyring to break out of my shell.  Plus, we were there first so it's only polite to welcome them.  Next, I just have to break my hubby out of his shell and have HIM invite them over for a BBQ or something.  I made the baskets so it's only fair he does that, right?  I thought so.


New Wave Domesticity said...

This is SO cute! I also love putting together gift baskets and coming up with new fun themes, so I adore this inspiration!

PS - I'm a new follower from the B.You blog hop! ;)

meg m said...

the box of sunshine is a brilliant idea! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I am putting together a box of sunshine to send to my daughter in college today! This winter has been long and cold and freshman year is tough enough. This is such a great way to send a little sunshine and love her way. Thanks for the great idea!

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