Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Talk Hair

A couple days ago, I introduced Cristin.  Here is her first post!  Hilarious and it!

Hi everyone!! Assistant Cristin reporting for duty. 
Admitting from the start my grammar sucks.
Fragments, punctuation marks, affect and effect (they get me every time).
Ironically my mother is an English teacher. Yes. Imagine how proud she is.
I am worthless when it comes to cooking, crafts and cleaning ‘tricks’. But I have spent a mini fortune on beauty products. Again imagine how proud my mother is. This first blog (in my entire life) is about a hair product that made me the product junkie I am now.

Hair:  We all have it (if you are a woman and have alopecia areata I know a dermatologist that can help) and we all want something different. Thick wants thin. Thin wants thick. Curly wants straight. Straight wants curly. I think you get the idea.
BUT what about your worst hair experience?  Most of us have had one. The skunk look. The “I have to get the Jennifer Aniston now” then realize Super Cuts doesn’t even know who Jennifer Aniston is…

Here is the story of my worst hair experience: 
I was a freshman in high school. The look - high ratted bangs falling to one side, the other side ratted out and over the ear. Achieving this BIG hair look was a perm. So a perm I got. Did I mention I have very thin fine blonde hair, my scalp buns in the summer and my hairstylist (to this day) low lights my hair so I don’t fade away? Perm. Not a good idea. I lived in a small town, not many options and I had no idea where the ‘cool kids’ went. Mom took me to the beauty school in town. Yes, you read that right - a beauty school. The next day my hair started breaking off at the ends, then mid shaft, then about 2” away from my scalp. Needless to say I was horrified. Dad suggested going to his barbour. Well…it couldn’t get much worse. There wasn’t much he could do except introduce me to a product that will help my hair grow healthy and hopefully restore the follicles on my chemical burned scalp. The product…NIOXIN System Level 1. An amazing product that helps women and men alike. It smells terrific and gives a cooling sensation on the scalp. You can feel it working. It is a little pricey but worth it.

My husband started using NIOXIN 1 (there are 6 depended on your hair type and treatment needs) when we were married (he didn’t need it but you never know). He is still on level one after 11 years. It makes the hair grow thicker, fuller and denser. I no longer use NIOXIN but I know what I will use when my hair needs ‘help’.

What is your worst hair experience and how did you solve it???


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