Sunday, September 30, 2012

State Fair!!

The state fair was in Oklahoma last week!  Our boss let us take off the entire afternoon and we went and stuffed ourselves with fried goodness for a "team building" field trip :)

Lo and I got turkey legs - yum!!

We have such fake smiles in this pic - we really were having a GREAT time!

Yep, we got henna tattoos!

I had to represent Batman :)

Check out all this old-fashioned candy.  I didn't even step foot in this booth - I just took pictures to satisfy my sweet tooth!

While we were walking down one of the vendor buildings, I spotted this dress hanging on the wall.  And then Kim, one of my co-workers said "Kari, I think you need that dress" ... so since I was already eyeing it, I knew I had to get it.  I went and checked the price - it was $28.  I left to think about it, went back and "jokingly" asked the guy if he wanted to give me any extra discounts since I came back.  I scored it for 25 bucks!!

We all took personality tests...they were very interesting.

All the 4-H booths - so many colorful fruits and veggies. 

Giant pumpkin!

And check this dress out!  Notice what it's made out of??  Duck Tape!!  Now that's talent!


Fried Oreos = Little Bites of Heaven!  I did take them home and share with David.  (Although I could've eaten every. single. one.

This is part of the group - Lo looks like she is trying to be a gangsta - haha!

I was being a dork when Kim took this pic - I didn't really think she got me cheezin' it!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ally's First Bark Box

 About a month ago, I bought a 3-month subscription to BarkBox through Groupon.  The first one came in the mail last week! 

Barkworthies Pretzel Treats - this actually smelled really good!

wag bath wipe - we haven't used this yet but it will be perfect for when her paws get dirty and we don't want to do a full bath.

WholeLife Organic Treats in Sweet Potato - She isn't quite sure about these.  She puts them in her mouth, takes them into the living room, spits them out and plays with them for a second before actually eating them.  I can see why...the texture reminds me of a sponge!

Z-Bones - The Good: She ate this in about 2 minutes.  The Bad: Then she threw up. 

All of her goodies!

She waited so patiently

Sniffing everything

Please, Mom!!!

Pretty Please!!

I finally gave her the pretzel...she LOVED it! 

Sign up for BarkBox here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nail Files

elf: Smoky Brown

This is my first time using elf nail polish and I have to say - I LOVE it!  I got it when I did this swap :) 

Linking up with Tara @ Fabulous but Evil.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Loving Lately: My Discovery of MAC Cosmetics

I am 29 years young and I have JUST discovered MAC.  Yes, it's true.  I have apparently been living under a rock.  In a bubble.  Something!!  I ran out of foundation this weekend and decided to give it a try.  And O.M.G. I am so glad I did.  Ok - here are my face issues...
1. Oily Eyelids - eyeshadow creases within an hour...not fun.
2. Oily Face - makeup disappears and the shine is outta control...not fun either!!
3. Acne Scars - the dark spot kind...ugh! 
4. Acne - why do I have acne at 29???  It just isn't fair to have to use acne treatment AND an anti-aging cream!! 

I went to the MAC counter with absolutely no makeup on whatsoever....I was not lookin' pretty!  They were having a special event to market their "after hours" collection and there was a model there with her husband who is apparently a famous NBA basketball player from the LA Clippers.  I guess I should've gotten a picture but I was more focused on getting some makeup on my face!!

I went in asking for a full coverage foundation that stays put and ended up leaving with a medium coverage foundation...and powder and eyeshadow/blush :)  The girl gave me a good tip: If you're trying to cover up dark spots and even out texture, you probably don't want to do a full coverage because it will end up adding more texture.  Does that make sense??  I thought that was interesting!  She also used this eyeshadow on me as blush.  It's a pro longwear eyeshadow and it lasts just as long on your cheeks!!  Awesome, right?!?!  I thought so!

Ok - this foundation is fabulous!  It covered my acne scars...and it has SPF!  Oh and it stayed on my face the rest of the day (with no primer) AND it is transfer resistant which is great because I'm always getting makeup on my clothes! 

I normally don't wear powder because I don't like the "powdery" look but this stuff looked more like a mineral foundation.  It definitely kept the crazy shine away...which is a must for me!!

If you would've asked me before my MAC makeover if I would ever wear pink eyeshadow, I would've said no way!  But, the girl at the counter wanted to try something totally different than I'm used to so I told her to go to town!  She blended the pink with a coraly brownish color (I wish I would've had her write it down) and I loved it!!  I should learn to step outside of my comfort zone more often.  Remember my oily eyelid issue?  She didn't even use primer on me and this stuff stayed put for at least 6 hours...I didn't check it again after the 6 hour mark.

I'm so glad I finally discovered MAC...I wish I could've bought everything she used on me!!  What is your favorite MAC product that I should try??

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffins and a Giveaway

Today, for my "recipe", I'm cheating.  That is ok, right?  Right!  I came across this Betty Crocker Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffin mix during my last grocery shopping trip at Uptown Grocery - my new favorite grocery store!  If you're local, you should definitely check it out! 

I had good intentions of getting up yesterday morning and making them...HOWEVER, I slept in, realized I forgot to soak my beans overnight for my ham and beans, had to do a "quick soak" which required the use of my favorite favorite favorite Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl because it can measure up to 8 cups, washed the batter bowl after using it, put it in my dish drain (ever so carefully balancing it on a towel over a dish drain already full of dishes...don't we all do this??), walk out of the kitchen, and hear glass shatter...EVERYWHERE!!!  Then 2 seconds later, I hear another shatter - which was a vase that I had just washed!  Do you sense my frustration?!?!?  Woe is me!!  I will be having a Pampered Chef catalog party soon so that I can get another batter bowl :)

Anyways...I made these for an after lunch snack and they were pretty darn tasty!  David and I pretty much ate the entire box ourselves ... I can't believe I just admited that...BUT I was really stressed from my morning mishaps that I *needed* the comfort!  We did save 4 muffins for our neighborhood/community manager (whatever his title is).  We like to take him treats every once in a while :)

We made coffee to go with the muffins and I added a little *extra* to mine :)  See my UV Cake Vodka in the back??  Love this's white cake flavored vodka..yummy!  I also made these root beer floats with it.

Linking up with Ali over at Jam Hands for her Recipe Sharing Monday! 

Jam Hands

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Ohhhhh....BTW - I am doing a group giveaway over at Going with the Flow...go enter here!  I am doing a $10 Starbucks card and there are other great gifts to be won!  Too bad I can't enter :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Fun!

Check out some of the fun things I've found lately in blog land!  And guess what...there is still time for you to participate :)

First is the Ornament Swap...How fun is this?!?!?!


Next is this giveaway...who doesn't love a great giveaway??  I know I do!  Good luck!  But not too much luck because I want to win!!  :) hehe

I also entered a giveaway for a Diamond Candle here.

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