Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nail Files: Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength: Save the Date (on my nails AND the cuticles around my nails ... I like to match like that)  I need to stop painting my nails while watching tv!

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polish is one of my FAVE FAVE FAVE lines!  It keeps my nails seriously strong - which is what I need because my nails break, crack, split...all of the bad things nail can do, mine do.  This is the only polish I've ever used that really really works to make my nails strong and actually grow.  I LOVE it. 

Now for a funny story I know you are all just dying to hear!  :)

  The first Christmas David and I lived together (before he popped the question), I opened my stocking and inside were 4 Diamond Strength nail polishes (he did listen when I raved about it!).  The names of the polishes were as follows: 24 Karat, Honeymoon Red, Diamonds, and Forever Lilac.  

Let's back up to when I was a little girl and every girl dreams of meeting her prince charming and getting proposed to.  Fast forward twenty something years to that Christmas morning and I just KNEW I would be getting a ring that Christmas.  I thought the "DIAMOND" nail polish and the names of the polishes were hints of what was about to happen.  BOY, was I WRONG!!!  What a TEASE!  That was just wrong, very very wrong!  It didn't happen that morning...BUT, two months later, he made up for it!  Read about the engagement here :)  

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Christina said...

I need to try this brand! My nails have been peeling like crazy lately. That is a cruel, cruel joke David played on you! But at least he got you some nail polish. Haha! My husband wouldn't even know how.

Niki Caron said...

Awwww I'm glad he made up for it! I actually thought my husband was playing a trick on me with an empty ring box on Christmas a few years ago - because that's totally something he would do! It was real but it took me a minute! lol

Funny that you posted about this because a friend just sent me one of the Diamond polishes! I'm excited to try it now!

Elle Sees said...

those are so cute!! and so is the story. i don't think i have any of those. found and following via the blog hop! :)

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