Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween at Work

We went all out for Halloween at work this year.  We took a trip to Dollar Tree and loaded up on decorations and then I brought all my stuff I didn't use at home.  

See the Halloween Tree on the left?  I got that at a garage sale for 50 cents...score!  And the Scentsy warmer on the right is a special holiday warmer - get one here.

This spider has been passed around the office many times - and has scared all of us!  You hang it above someone and when they walk under it and make a noise, it drops on them.  I think I was "gotten" twice!

This is my favorite part of our decor!  I love these scary old pictures - only $1!!

This was my Pinterest project from last year - so easy!
1.  Spray paint a flower pot, turn upside down and glue a glass vase to the bottom.  
2.  Glue a knob to the bottom piece of the pot and use it as the lid.
3.  Add ribbon and fill with candy!

Also for this year, we played "Secret Spook" - so much fun!  I got so many goodies and I had my person guessed from day 1 (my boss)!  I'm kind of a detective diva :)

Day 1
 Pumpkin Pretzels - YUMMY!!  Perfect mix of spicy and sweet - they really taste like pumpkin!
Spider Candle - How cute is he?!?!

Day 2
Lighted Pumpkin - Love him :)  (why am I referring to all my stuff as him or he??  - weird)
Pumpkin Kitchen Towels - I had almost bought these for myself a couple days before but decided to wait until after Halloween - glad I waited now!

Day 3
Pumpkin Cupcake - Oh. My. Goodness.  

Reveal Gift
Pumpkin Plate - I love all things pumpkin and I also love Halloween decorations - this is perfect!

I loved all my gifts!  Thanks Amy!

Here are my gifts to my secret spook - I have a tendency to go overboard in the wrapping process.  

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Kelly said...


Anonymous said...

Yes...what a wonderful boss you have! ;)

Char Webb said...

It's all good but love the zombie door. Never too much Halloween!

natalsie said...

Wow )) so fun - We don't really get into Halloween as much in Oz. But I remember it was lots of fun growing up in DC

Christina said...

So fun! I miss working when I look at stuff like this. I worked at a pretty fun office. Cute pinterest candy jar!!

Jessica Renee said...

That is so fun!!! My office is fun (sometimes!) but we barely even decorate for Christmas! lol. And I looove the candy jar. Such a good idea!

tara said...

my office is all decked out for halloween too! tomorrow i'll be prancing around the office in a pirate costume! :)

Julie said...

Great decorations! Thanks so much for sharing on Marvelous Mondays!

BUY GRILLZ said...

Awesome Halloween decorations!

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