Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, Y'all!!

As you probably already noticed, David and I are all about Halloween!  We will never be "too old" or "too cool" to dress up!

This year, David was Batman (just like the previous 2 years) and I was the villain in the new movie, Bane.  We always have so much putting costumes together.  His costume, however, is always the same.  He actually had this custom made - it is movie quality.  Crazy, I know.  If you've ever heard me talk about being married to Batman, now you know why!

This was my "try to be sexy" face...I should've tried harder!

My mom came up and went to the annual Ghouls Gone Wild Parade.  She is a witch every day year!  HAHA just kidding mom! :)

Doesn't she look just like the Wicked Witch?!?!  Her drawn on mole is just fabulous!

We stopped so many freakin' times so everyone could get their picture taken with Batman (babies, kids, grown men, girls dressed as sluts, older women that flung themselves on him and one even gave him a kiss on the cheek) that we almost forgot to get one of us.  Side note: Pardon the quality of the pictures - I didn't want to drag my big camera around.

This is little Batman...isn't he cute?!?!  His mom made this costume for him!

And this is the grown-up Batman - yep, that's his Batmobile in the back.  He actually took the Chevy symbol off and replaced it with "BATMAN"  in black chrome letters.  We can never sit at a stop light without someone taking a picture of it...we're kind of a big deal.

And speaking of girls dressed at are my costumes from the past 2 years - Jokette and Robinista.  I love turning the guy villains into the slutty girl version!  I never feel slutty when I'm wearing them...but then I look at pictures and all I see are boobs...OOPS!
This is my work costume this year...80's Rocker Chick.  I wasn't going to dress up for work but I decided to at the last minute.  I had most of the stuff but ran around like crazy last night finding the little detail pieces.

I tried to find one of these t-shirt things (can't remember the name) and couldn't dare they not make these anymore!  So the hubs made me one out of foam and duck tape :)

This was very fitting for Laura!

Kim - the Witch Fairy, Laura - the Devil, Kim - the Leopard, Me - the Rocker, and Margaret - the Witch

We had so much year everyone in the office is dressing up!  Do you understand me girls....EVERYONE!!!

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Treats

For work gifts this year, I used these free printables and these free printables to make these cute little treats!  I had a lot of fun making them.  I dragged my poor mom and David around to so many stores looking for different colored Tic Tacs and eyeball candy.  I wanted very badly to make the Vampire Vitamins...who knew it would be so hard to find red Tic Tacs!

I also made this easy Halloween Bark.

What You Need:
  1 Package Halloween Oreos
Candy Corn
2 Packages Wilton Candy Melts in White
Halloween Sprinkles - I ended up using different sprinkles than the ones in the picture...a girl has a right to change her mind, right?
Pretzels - I stole these out of our Trick-or-Treat bowl because I felt like it needed something to offset all the sweetness.

1. Crumble up the Oreos.  I crushed some by hand, some in my food processor and broke some in halves and some in fourths.  Spread out on cookie sheet over wax/parchment paper.  Sprinkle candy corn on top.

2. Add broken up pretzels.

3.  Melt the candies according to package and pour over candy mixture.

4. Chill in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes and break apart.

5. Enjoy!

And check this cute little treat I had waiting on my desk this morning!  A co-worker made these for us and filled them with all kinds of fun-ness! 

Thanks Susan!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween at Work

We went all out for Halloween at work this year.  We took a trip to Dollar Tree and loaded up on decorations and then I brought all my stuff I didn't use at home.  

See the Halloween Tree on the left?  I got that at a garage sale for 50 cents...score!  And the Scentsy warmer on the right is a special holiday warmer - get one here.

This spider has been passed around the office many times - and has scared all of us!  You hang it above someone and when they walk under it and make a noise, it drops on them.  I think I was "gotten" twice!

This is my favorite part of our decor!  I love these scary old pictures - only $1!!

This was my Pinterest project from last year - so easy!
1.  Spray paint a flower pot, turn upside down and glue a glass vase to the bottom.  
2.  Glue a knob to the bottom piece of the pot and use it as the lid.
3.  Add ribbon and fill with candy!

Also for this year, we played "Secret Spook" - so much fun!  I got so many goodies and I had my person guessed from day 1 (my boss)!  I'm kind of a detective diva :)

Day 1
 Pumpkin Pretzels - YUMMY!!  Perfect mix of spicy and sweet - they really taste like pumpkin!
Spider Candle - How cute is he?!?!

Day 2
Lighted Pumpkin - Love him :)  (why am I referring to all my stuff as him or he??  - weird)
Pumpkin Kitchen Towels - I had almost bought these for myself a couple days before but decided to wait until after Halloween - glad I waited now!

Day 3
Pumpkin Cupcake - Oh. My. Goodness.  

Reveal Gift
Pumpkin Plate - I love all things pumpkin and I also love Halloween decorations - this is perfect!

I loved all my gifts!  Thanks Amy!

Here are my gifts to my secret spook - I have a tendency to go overboard in the wrapping process.  

Linking up with Julie at This Gal Cooks for Marvelous Monday

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

H54F and Nail Files

Ok - I know I'm early...but I'm having another garage sale starting tomorrow so I probably won't have time to post. 

Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for her High Five for Friday series...

1.  David and I started the "You've Been BOOed" in our's fun to watch it travel through the 'hood!  Get free printables and instructions here to start it in your neighborhood!

2.  I met my aunt and 2 cousins at this restaurant for our monthly dinner.  I'm so bad at forgetting to take a picture of all of us...I just get distracted :)

3. I love getting packages in the mail!  This week, I got these earrings that I had ordered from InPink....go check their website out here.  Want 40% off??  Who doesn't?!?!  Be sure to use Code: AFFRNDS40.  It is good thru 11/5/2012 so what are you waiting for??  And good luck not wanting everything on their site!

4.  I took this picture of Ally the day we brought her home.  The other day while she was watching me put my makeup on, she was sitting the exact same way and it reminded me of her when she was a puppy.  Gosh - they grow up so fast!!

5.  The Final Presidential Debate was on.  This pretty much sums up how I feel about politics!

Bonus:  I'm also linking up with Tara at Fabulous but Evil for Nail Files

I finally tried this red Essie polish out that I got in this swap and it is now one of my favorite colors!

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