Sunday, September 30, 2012

State Fair!!

The state fair was in Oklahoma last week!  Our boss let us take off the entire afternoon and we went and stuffed ourselves with fried goodness for a "team building" field trip :)

Lo and I got turkey legs - yum!!

We have such fake smiles in this pic - we really were having a GREAT time!

Yep, we got henna tattoos!

I had to represent Batman :)

Check out all this old-fashioned candy.  I didn't even step foot in this booth - I just took pictures to satisfy my sweet tooth!

While we were walking down one of the vendor buildings, I spotted this dress hanging on the wall.  And then Kim, one of my co-workers said "Kari, I think you need that dress" ... so since I was already eyeing it, I knew I had to get it.  I went and checked the price - it was $28.  I left to think about it, went back and "jokingly" asked the guy if he wanted to give me any extra discounts since I came back.  I scored it for 25 bucks!!

We all took personality tests...they were very interesting.

All the 4-H booths - so many colorful fruits and veggies. 

Giant pumpkin!

And check this dress out!  Notice what it's made out of??  Duck Tape!!  Now that's talent!


Fried Oreos = Little Bites of Heaven!  I did take them home and share with David.  (Although I could've eaten every. single. one.

This is part of the group - Lo looks like she is trying to be a gangsta - haha!

I was being a dork when Kim took this pic - I didn't really think she got me cheezin' it!


Shesabigstar said...

What a great boss to send you on this team building afternoon... so fun! Love that dress, love fried oreos, and I wouldn't have been as strong as you near all that candy! Great pics!

Coley said...

Love that dress and the color!

Christina said...

So fun!! You had much better food at your fair than ours. I like your new dress!

Char said...

Fun at the fair. Great pics thanks for sharing!

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