Thursday, August 9, 2012

Say's Last Day

Today was one of our most favoritest co-worker's last day.   :-(  We are so sad to see her leave.  She may only be going down the hall, but our little office will never be the same without her.  As her going away, Lo and I took her to Sushi Neko.  We thought we were going to Dave and Buster's but that didn't work out so much.  :-/

After having our waiter take 4 pictures, we finally decided this was our favorite.  I hope because if not, I'll hear about it tomorrow!!  After the 4th pic, our waiter just handed me the phone and walked off.  Guess he was tired of taking pics!


Let's be honest, I was the only one that didn't know how to use these today!  Maybe I should add "learn how to use chopsticks" to my 30 Before 30 List

New York favorite!

I slaved away making her lemon bars for her last day :)

Saybra, we will miss your craziness!!  So, in order to help us remember some of your randomness, I have put together a little IIC Palooza so whenever we need some Say in our lives, we can just come back to this!!

2. You gave us another use for Kool-Aid
3. You were just like family
4. You always send us random pictures of yourself
6. Ew!
7. You made us all love turtles.
8. You gave us a new perspective on these.
Good luck with your new adventure, Saybra!  


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