Monday, August 6, 2012

Mascara and Lip Gloss Swap

I have recently discovered a whole new side of the blogging world...swaps!!  I signed up for my first one about a month ago.  There are all sorts of swaps - from crafts to beauty products to well, you get the idea.  The one I signed up for was a beauty swap - mascara and lip gloss!!  I'm addicted to beauty products so I HAD to do this.  :)  Last week, I received my goodies.  I was paired with Megan at wildflower at heart - turns out she actually went to college in Oklahoma - small world!  I had a lot of fun shopping for her and was so excited to get it in the mail that I forgot to send a cute little note telling her why I picked the!  She, however, did not forget to send a cute little note.  Here are my fun new beauty products...thanks Megan!!  Check out what I got her here.

I've seen this in the stores and have been wanting to try this - she read my mind!

I told her I wanted a good nude lip gloss and she sent me this amazing Burt's Bees gloss.  It may be my new favorite lip gloss :)

And a bonus - some eos hand lotion - perfect size for my purse.

Her cute little note - how sweet! 


Nichole said...

You can never go wrong with anything Burts Bees! Looks like you got some great stuff :)

tara said...

that mascara looks awesome! i've been wanting to try it!

Megan G. said...

Glad you liked everything! :D

Meg O. said...

I have never tried that mascara.... looks intriguing! And I loooove the eos hand cream! Glad you had fun with the swap! Thank you for joining!

Kari said...

I have never tried Burts Bees...Shame on me! :)

Kari said...

I loved it! Hope you liked all of yours..had fun shopping for you!

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