Sunday, May 20, 2012

Elephant Bar

I've been wanting to try this restaurant since I moved up here. I finally talked David into going :)

We had their amazing Sweet Potato Fries for an appetizer...they even came in a cute martini glass with some fun zebra paper!

Ok, let me back up. I'm a sucker for anything animal print. Their ENTIRE decor is animal print!! Their ceilings...giraffe and zebra!!

For dinner, I have to admit, I wish we would've gone off of our diet for this meal. David got Rainbow Trout with Rice and Veggies and I got Moroccan Chicken with CousCous and Spinach. wasn't horrible. There were parts of our meals that were great. My chicken was my favorite of the meal. It was the perfect combo of sweet and spicy. The spinach was good. The couscous I had mixed feelings about. It had raisins in it. I would've been a bigger fan without the raisins, just sayin'!!
David just said his meal was "ok". Next time we go, we are going to have a full fat, full calorie meal!!

And now for our "car shots"...


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