Friday, May 25, 2012

The Not-So-Hot Part of Hot Yoga

Last month, I bought a Groupon for 5 classes of hot yoga at Soul Yoga. I had heard a little bit about - you do yoga in a hot room. How hard could it possibly be?? I have taken yoga classes before...the relaxing kind. So I thought, "the heat should just make it even more relaxing".

The day of my first class came. I packed my gym bag with some sweats, a tank top, and also a 3/4 length cute sparkly top. I was going to be the new girl in class so I wanted to look cute, right?? And I also had my brand new yoga mat!! I was so prepared!!

I walk into the class and notice the other girls in the class had these towels over their mats that I didn't have. I asked and they said it was to absorb the sweat. NO WAY was I going to sweat THAT much!! WRONG!!! Did I mention that I didn't bring water or any type of towel? Thank goodness I had a tank top on underneath!!! I took my "cute" shirt off and had to use it as a towel!! **Remember this is immediately after I walked in**

The instructor comes in and says we are going to start in child's pose, then we moved on to plank, downward dog and some other moves that I'm actually familiar with! Then we started doing moves like pigeon, dolphin, crow, and I believe we even did something called chaturanga. I was thinking "chat your whata???"

By about 15 minutes in, I'm drenched!! I should've had one of those "special" towels! I mean, I am sweating through pores in my legs...I didn't even know that was possible!! My cute shirt was now a sweat drenched nasty shirt! I look down and notice a pool of sweat by my mat. Can we all say "GROSS" together?!?! Oh it gets better :)

I'm sure anyone that has had deodorant on while working up a sweat has experienced this next part...I saved the best for last! I get home and I'm trying to show my wonderful hubby some of my new moves (I think I even fell flat on my face a couple times...he was VERY impressed) and he is nice enough to point out the the deodorant "clumps" underneath my arms! Oh yes, you know what I'm talking about!! Yea for deodorant clumps...hey at least I was wearing it! But I'm sure the other "yogis" (yes, that is what we yoga students are called...fancy I know) were thinking that poor girl with the clumpy deodorant! Note to husband...I could've gone without you pointing this gross and yucky unfortunate situation out to me!

Even with all of this, I LOVE HOT YOGA!!! I felt AMAZING afterwards!! Walking out into the cool (and by cool, I mean not 95 degrees like the yoga room) was like standing in front of the refrigerator on a hot summer day :) I felt taller, leaner, stronger and more aware of my body. And this was just the FIRST class!! I was officially hooked. A month later, having used my Groupon classes up, my hubby purchased an unlimited package for a month (I'm pretty sure he just felt bad for the deodorant incident) and I will probably continue this ever so addicting workout.

Oh and I did purchase a "special" towel to absorb my sweat (yuck), a hand towel to wipe my sweat (again, yuck) and even some yoga pants! And I will NEVER try to look "cute" for my hot yoga class again!!!

P.S. I met Tracie at my first yoga class...we were yoga newbies together and we've stuck with it together! Tonight, we did Yoga Happy Hour and I think we rocked :) We had an alcohol-included happy hour last week...we are trying to decide if we liked yoga or margarita happy hour better :)

P.P.S. Look what I did tonight after I got home!!! I was determined to get these moves down!

5 Minute Yoga Break

Last night in yoga class, I learned how to do a forearm stand!! I'm sure there is another technical name for them in Yoga lingo but I'm not sure what it is! I had to teach my friend Lo how to do we took a *small* break from work to do just that!

Our goal is to not have to use the wall! Now if I can just get her to join my hot yoga addiction :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Elephant Bar

I've been wanting to try this restaurant since I moved up here. I finally talked David into going :)

We had their amazing Sweet Potato Fries for an appetizer...they even came in a cute martini glass with some fun zebra paper!

Ok, let me back up. I'm a sucker for anything animal print. Their ENTIRE decor is animal print!! Their ceilings...giraffe and zebra!!

For dinner, I have to admit, I wish we would've gone off of our diet for this meal. David got Rainbow Trout with Rice and Veggies and I got Moroccan Chicken with CousCous and Spinach. wasn't horrible. There were parts of our meals that were great. My chicken was my favorite of the meal. It was the perfect combo of sweet and spicy. The spinach was good. The couscous I had mixed feelings about. It had raisins in it. I would've been a bigger fan without the raisins, just sayin'!!
David just said his meal was "ok". Next time we go, we are going to have a full fat, full calorie meal!!

And now for our "car shots"...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lunch with Lo at Cafe Bella

My friend Laura - AKA "Lo" - (who I also work with) and I went to a training day for work this week and on our lunch, we found this cute little tea room in the city called Cafe Bella.  I took the opportunity to embarrass her by taking pictures!!  She said she wasn't embarrassed but I'm pretty sure she was just saying that to be nice!  I ALWAYS take pictures when I try out new she should've known!! :)

(I just realized we are sitting the EXACT same way....that was totally not planned!!)

This was a picture of their tabletops...cute!

They have so many flavors of tea...I even saw Bubblegum and Coconut!  I, being the "stick to the same ol' - same ol' type of person that I am, ordered plain, unflavored black tea.  Laura got a Jasmine flavored tea and it was fabulous!  Next time, I will step outside of my comfort zone and order something with flavor.

We both ordered the Tuscany Panini and Creamy Baked Potato Soup...yum!!!  It even came with a little serving of Pasta Salad :)

And since we couldn't resist have been so good on our diets lately, we each got a smoothie.  She got the Mango and I got Chocolate Banana.  We drank every last drop because they were soooo good!!! 

I will definitely be going back here :)
Flatire Burgers on Urbanspoon

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This was my first Mother's Day as a Puppy Mom! 

Just look at these puppy dog eyes!!!

She got me this cute little card!  Thanks Ally :)

On Mother's Day, I went down to Geronimo to see my mom.  I surprised her with these flowers! 

As much as I hate to admit this, MOM made ME breakfast.  She already had it planned so I didn't want to tell her no.  I was going to offer to make it instead, but knowing her, it probably would've just stressed her out even more because I would've made a mess :) 

Sausage Balls....

with Fried Eggs...yummmm!!!!  She ALWAYS gets the fried eggs perfect...everytime!  Mine are never this pretty!

Then for dessert, we had jelly on our sausage balls.  We have never tried this before but it was DELISH! 

After breakfast, I treated her to a pedicure.  Ok, my mother has had only one...yes, ONE, other pedicure in her life!!!!  CRAZY!!!  And it was a "basic".  This time, we got the "deluxe".  Those of you who are familiar with pedicure lingo know this consists of pamper overload!!  Soak, Scrub, Foot Massage, Mask, Paraffin Wax ... and the wonderful massaging chair.  I happen to ♥ the chair.  My mom; however, did not.  Her exact words were "It shakes me around too much!"  lol  I really wish my sister could've came up and spent the day with us!!  Next time - she better :)

We went to her favorite place in the mall and she had the guy, Kenny I believe was his name, that always does her nails.  She will only let him do her nails.  Nail Salon snob!!!  hehe



 We didn't do anything crazy.  I went with a very neutral peachy color and she got the french white/pink.

 While drying my nails, I noticed the table with all of their colorful scrubs and lotions.  Soooo....I just HAD to get a picture :)

After our nails, we went and ate at Cracker Barrel.  It wouldn't be right if we both looked ok in the SAME here is her good one..

...and here is mine...

This Mother's Day was the first one without my wonderful Grandma.  As I went down the card aisle, it felt strange not getting her a "Grandma" card and not getting her a gift.  It's things like this that really make it sink in that she is actually gone.  My mom got this pretty arrangement to put out at the cemetary.  Pink and purple were two of my Grandma's favorite colors :)   

I think this picture was taken Thanksgiving 2010.  We miss you, Grandma!!!

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